How staff can get involved

Your company or organisation’s staff can fundraise for us in all sorts of ways. Some are simple, like small change collections and payroll giving. Others are perfect for people who really fancy a challenge, for instance running the London Marathon or taking on our London-Paris cycle ride.

The collective feeling of goodwill is enormously satisfying, knowing that you’re making a difference to poorly pets.

Whether people fancy making a difference as an individual or being part of a group event, there’s bound to be something that appeals to all the different personalities at your workplace. Take a look below and then visit our main fundraising page for more ideas.

Fundraise for PDSA

Events and challenges

Members of staff who are up for a challenge can encourage friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them to take on a major event like the London Marathon, our London-Paris cycle ride, fire walking or even skydiving.

Take a look at the challenges on our fundraising pages or contact our fundraising team for more ideas.

Auction your boss

Turn the tables on your boss by auctioning him or her off for PDSA. The winner will buy their time, e.g. for an hour or a day – and there’s surely no end of things they can do, from making the tea to running errands or cleaning your car.

Have a dress down or fancy dress day

Get everyone to give a pound or two to come to work in their ‘weekend’ clothes, pyjamas or in fancy dress. Even better, if the boss or the board are willing, see how much people will happily pay to see them turn up to work in a silly costume.

Round up the bill

A great way for restaurants and shop chains to help. Give your customers the option to round up the bill, with the extra bit going to PDSA. Asking for just a little can do a lot – even that stray 1p makes a huge difference when it’s given by thousands of customers.

Get a counter collection box

A simple collection box for small change is an easy, low maintenance and non-intrusive way to range funds. We’ll provide the box, information and all the support that you’ll need. Just give us a call on 0800 917 2509 or email us: You can also pay your fundraising in online by using our Collection Box Payment form.

Donating goods

Could your staff support us by donating items like clothes, books, toys, CDs and DVDs to be resold in our shops? We can install special collection points in your workplace and will pick up the donations on a regular basis.

Payroll giving and matched giving

This simple and tax-efficient method enables employees to donate through their salary. It also demonstrates your company’s commitment to good causes. Matching your employees’ donations is another great internal PR message, plus it can be offset against profits as a charitable donation.

Setting up payroll giving is easy. Government-approved payroll giving agencies provide all the forms and handle all the administration. For more information visit our Payroll Giving page.

Sell PDSA-branded goods

We can supply you with a bunch of small PDSA-branded items to sell as part of your fundraising efforts, including pens, trolley coins, pin badges, screen wipes and wristbands. So why not organise a stall, take them from desk to desk or have them available at reception?

Call us on 0800 917 2509 or email and we’ll get a package of goods in the post to you.