Staff engagement and volunteering

Volunteering with PDSA doesn’t just benefit us, it’s also good for staff as individuals and the organisation as a whole.

It helps people learn new skills and develop existing ones. It increases confidence and provides a sense of achievement. It’s also a great way to encourage staff to feel positively about employers, because they can see their commitment to the local community.

PDSA volunteers donating their time save the charity a massive £12.2 million every year in employment costs, allowing us to reach far more sick and injured pets than we could otherwise.

Vet with cat

John Lewis bring staff skills

We love to develop projects that play to the strengths of the company and individual employees. For example, a John Lewis partner joined the PDSA Kirkdale Pet Hospital on a six-month secondment, using her skills to make the waiting room more inviting and bringing experience in excellent customer service to help maximise the time spent with our clients.

Her time at PDSA has been invaluable to us in offering our staff a new perspective, whilst she returns to John Lewis with demonstrable leadership skills.

Bespoke packages for volunteers

PDSA offer a bespoke service for individual employee volunteers and occasionally for small teams.

If you are interested in volunteering with PDSA please use our Online Contact Form or call 0800 854 194.