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About PDSA

Buying Pet Insurance from PDSA means you're supporting the UK's leading veterinary charity. 

Your pet's health

Read the advice from our vets on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pet. 

Why insure your pet?

  • Help protect yourself against unexpected costs which can be hard to budget for.

  • Peace of mind protection for your pet.

  • Pet insurance can provide third party cover for dogs, so if your dog causes an accident you're covered for the cost. 

  • Some breeds of dog or cat are prone to developing medical conditions. Pet insurance can help you to provide them with the right treatment.

Why buy from PDSA?

Our Pet Insurance is arranged in association with one of the UK's top insurers:

  • Cover for up to £8,000 a year* in vets' fees

  • Pay monthly at no extra cost

  • We can pay your vet direct (subject to availability)

  • Access a range of pet helplines

  • Selected by our vets, loved by pets

How donations from PDSA Petsurance policies helped Holly

As the UK's leading veterinary charity, we know how much owners love their pets and want the best for them. We also know first-hand how costly vet treatment can be.

Border Collie, Holly, cheated death thanks to our vets who battled against the odds to save her from a deadly infection. 

Holly’s owner, Alan, said “Her treatment would have cost over £1,000, which we would never have been able to afford. We can’t thank them enough for saving Holly, it really is a miracle.”

By insuring your pet with PDSA, not only are you giving yourself peace of mind if your pet becomes poorly but you’re also helping to treat pets in need like Holly.