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Selected using our veterinary expertise

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PDSA Vet Care

Selected using our veterinary expertise

At PDSA, the health and wellbeing of pets is important to us. So, to help your pet stay happy and healthy, we’ve launched the PDSA Vet Care range. 

Selected using our veterinary expertise, the range includes a variety of effective, easy-to-use products to suit your pet’s health and wellbeing needs. 

Proceeds from the sale of these products help our vets to help sick and injured pets nationwide. 

Available Now

3-in-1 Dog Shampoo

If you’re looking for a shampoo for your handsome hound that cleanses, conditions and soothes their skin our 3-in-1 Shampoo for dogs will help make them squeaky clean, and their skin and coat smell and feel great. 

Skin Care Supplement for Dogs

If your handsome hound suffers from itchy sensitive skin and their coat is lacking in shine then PDSA Vet Care, Skin Care supplement is the product for them. 

Joint Care Supplement for Dogs

If your playful pooch needs a little help keeping the spring in their paws, our tasty and easy to use Joint Care Supplement can help keep them active. 

Joint Care Supplement for Cats

PDSA Vet Care, Joint Care Supplement for Cats helps to maintain, support and promote your cat’s joint health to keep your moggie mobile.

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PDSA Vet Care products can be purchased online or from one of our 51 Pet Hospitals. 

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