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How to prevent budgie boredom, why a bird bath is so important, and giving your budgie space to stretch their wings.


Should your budgie have a buddy? How do you tell if a budgie is male or female? WHo should look after your budgie if you go on holiday?


Why do budgies need a bit of grit in their food? How do I stop my budgie from getting a bulge? How can you get your budgie to change to eating pellets?


How much room does my budgie need to fly? How can I let my budgie fly free safely in my home?


Vital signs to out for every day to stop your budgie from getting poorly. What to do if your budgies nails break or become overgrown.

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Where should I get a bird from?

It’s best to get your birds from a reputable avian specialist.

  • Try to choose birds from somewhere where their living environment is clean and hygienic.
  • Their aviary should contain suitable perches, nest boxes, water baths and toys, as well as plenty of space for all birds to fly around in.
  • Birds should be bright and alert with no discharges around their eyes, nostrils, beak or vent (bottom).