Budgerigars environment

Budgerigars environment

How much room does my budgie need to fly? How to let a budgie fly freely in your home and keep them safe.

What is the ideal environment for a budgie

What is the ideal environment for a budgie?

It’s best to give your budgie an aviary or an ‘indoor flight’ – a large cage with flying space. Budgies need plenty of exercise and the opportunity to fly – it’s in their nature. Budgies originated from Australia, often living in huge flocks on dry plains and feeding on seeding grasses. In the wild they may fly many miles each day in search of food, water and places to roost.

PDSA do not recommend tall, circular cages as they are far too small and provide very little flying space.

How should budgies be kept in a cage?
If your budgies have to spend some of their time in a cage, please follow these guidelines:

  • Ideally locate it in a quiet corner away from busy or noisy parts of the house. From there they can see people coming and going but aren’t surrounded by activity and noise, which can be stressful. 
  • Locate it out of direct sunlight and draughts.
  • Keep it away from tobacco smoke or cooking fumes. Cooking fumes from Teflon® pans and utensils are toxic to birds.
  • Try to keep your budgies away from close attention from people or pets, especially children and cats, as this can be very stressful for birds.

If your budgie is tame, let it fly free from their cage every day so it can exercise. Supervise this in a safe room:

  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Turn off turn off any fans, ceiling fans, extractor fans and paper shredders.
  • Remove other pets from the room. 
  • Make sure they don’t nibble on anything – e.g. paint, curtain rings etc – as these can be poisonous to budgies.

What should the floor look like?

  • For an aviary, choose a material that can be easily cleaned.
  • For a cage, sprinkle bird sand across the base.

How do I clean the aviary indoor flight

How do I clean the aviary/indoor flight?

How do I clean up the aviary/ cage/ indoor flight?

1. Clean it once a day:
  • Sweep out the floor every day.
  • Remove stale food and droppings from the sleeping quarters. 
  • Clean and refill food pots
2. Clean it more thoroughly once a week to keep it hygienic:
  • Wash it down and clean all the fittings.
3. Clean it out completely every month:
  • Scrub it thoroughly inside and out.
  • Clean it more often if it is becoming heavily soiled.