PetWise on Tour

PetWise on Tour is PDSA's mobile animal wellbeing service, touring the UK each year, offering differnet services within communities.

There are 3 vehicles in the PetWise on Tour fleet, 2 PetWise vans and the PetWise mobile unit.

PetWise Vans

Purchased thanks to the generosity of Robert Breckman and his late wife Julie and kept on the road thanks to the players of the People's Postcode Lottery, the vans are specially adapted to create a clinical consult area.

When you visit the van, our vet nurse will 'MOT' your dog and talk you through everything you need to do to keep your dog happy and healthy.

On board we can provide, free of charge, nail clipping and ear cleaning plus microchipping for a small cost. You'll be able to purchase some fantastic items for you and your handsome hound including PDSA merchandise and a selection of products from our Vet Care range.

A visit to the PetWise van is free of charge, however, there are opportunities to donate to help us keep this service on the road.

For Health and Safety reasons, we can only see dogs on board the vans. If you would like some advice on the care of any other pets please pop and see us without your pet and our nurse would be happy to have a chat.

PetWise mobile unit

Thanks to the players of the People's Postcode Lottery, the PetWise mobile unit joined the vehicle fleet in 2018. The vehicle is designed to offer a mix of veterinary consults, education and promotional opportunities.

On board, we could be running a pet first aid course, working with your local school to educate children on keeping their pets healthy, running a vaccination clinic, or checking eligibility for hospital services.

How do I get to a PetWise on Tour event?

Our fleet of vehicles will be touring the UK again in 2020

Locations and services will be updated all the time so to find out when and where we're going to be in each area click on the 'Find an event near you' button below. You can also see the latest updates by liking PDSA's Facebook page and looking in the events section. Please help us spread the word to other pet owners in your area by sharing the event with your friends.

Want to work with us?

Do you work at a local authority, housing association or community group and want to promote pet wellbeing in your area? PDSA is committed to educating as many pet owners and helping as many pets as we can. If you would like to bring PetWise on Tour to your community, fill in our contact form with your details we’ll get in touch with you to discuss how we can help.