Puppies and Dogs

Thinking of getting a pet?

#PawsFirst and take our Get PetWise quiz to find out which pet is most suited to you.


The secrets of socialisation in their first few weeks, the best way to train them – and keeping their tails wagging with toys and regular exercise.


Why do dogs need lots of friends? How long is it safe to leave a dog alone for? Should you leave your dog with a trusted friend or take them on holiday?


Is commercial food or home-made best? How often should I feed my pup? Why are treats bad? Why dogs don’t always need the same amount of food. How to check if your pooch is porky.


From registering to microchipping, vaccinating to worming and neutering to grooming – all you need to know to keep your four-legged friend in fine fettle.


Where to put a dog’s bed. How to get them used to car travel. Clearing up after your dog.

Dog breeds

Take our Get PetWise quiz and then find out more about different breeds of dogs.

Where should I get a dog from?

Where you get a dog from can have a big effect on how healthy and happy it is for the rest of its life.

Is your dog microchipped?

From April 6 2016 all dogs must be microchipped by law. Find out more about the law and how to get your dog microchipped.

Pet Insurance

Protect your pet with 5 star insurance* - PDSA Pet Insurance can help cover the cost of unexpected vet fees.

Seasonal Advice

Practical help for surviving winter and Christmas, avoiding spring Easter eggs, keeping cool on summer holidays to coping with scary autumn fireworks.

Poisons and hazards

From chocolate to chives, bees to bottles, flowers to fleas – our poisons and hazards guide has some well known, some common sense and some that may surprise you. How many do you know?

The A-Z of conditions

From Addison’s disease to Zinc poisoning, here’s a wealth of expert information. It’s written in easy to read and understand plain English, so you can find just what you want quickly.


The award winning microchip pet feeder. Great for dogs on prescription food or weight management diets.

Dog Tracker Nano

Dog Tracker Nano fits on your dog's collar or harness and works with your mobile phone to help protect your dog from going astray or getting stolen. With Dog Tracker Nano you can set health and exercise goals, track your daily walks, and find your dog within seconds if they go missing.