How to prevent bunny boredom with a living space where they can dig, run and play every day. How to train your rabbit to use a litter tray.

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Why does a rabbit need a companion? What rabbits should you keep together? How should I care for my rabbit when I’m on holiday?

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What’s the ideal mix of food for a rabbit? What greens are safe and which ones should I avoid? Can I give my rabbit fruit or treats? Why do my rabbits eat their own droppings?

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What should my rabbit hutch and run be like? How can I help my rabbit cope in summer and winter? What poisons and hazards should I keep safe from my furry friend.

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From vaccinating to neutering and grooming – all you need to know to keep your bunny in bonnie health.

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Seasonal Advice

Practical help for surviving winter and Christmas, avoiding spring Easter eggs, keeping cool on summer holidays to coping with scary autumn fireworks.

Poisons and hazards

From chocolate to chives, bees to bottles, flowers to fleas – our poisons and hazards guide has some well known, some common sense and some that may surprise you. How many do you know?

The A-Z of conditions

From Addison’s disease to Zinc poisoning, here’s a wealth of expert information. It’s written in easy to read and understand plain English, so you can find just what you want quickly.

Choosing your pet

What you need to think about before getting a pet and where it’s best to get it from.