Small Furries

Thinking of getting a pet?

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How big should their cage be? Why do Chinchillas and gerbils need a dust bath? How should you handle your hamster? Do they need a gnawing block? What sorts of toys do they like?


Which small furries need a mate? Which ones don't? Who should care for your pet if you go on holiday?


Which vegetables aren't safe for your pet to eat? Why do muesli-mixes cause pain? Why do guinea pigs eat their droppings? How can you introduce your pet to new foods?


How big should your pet's enclosure be? What should be inside it? How can you look after your pet during cold winters and hot summers? What is a gerbilarium? Which plants are poisonous to your pet?


Vital signs to look for every day to stop your pet getting poorly. Why do ferrets need vaccinating?

Where should I get a small pet from?

Where your pet comes from can have a big effect on how healthy and happy they are for the rest of their life.

Poisons and hazards

From chocolate to chives, bees to bottles, flowers to fleas – our poisons and hazards guide has some well known, some common sense and some that may surprise you. How many do you know?

The A-Z of conditions

From Addison’s disease to Zinc poisoning, here’s a wealth of expert information. It’s written in easy to read and understand plain English, so you can find just what you want quickly.