Feeding your dwarf hamsters 

What should I feed my dwarf hamsters? 

Commercial hamster mixes containing seed, grain and nuts are usually fed. Small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables can also be given, such as apple, carrot, broccoli, pear and cabbage. Citrus fruits, such as oranges, should be avoided because they are too acidic. Wash fruit and vegetables well to remove any traces of chemicals. Once or twice a week you can give some extra protein, such as a small amount of hard-boiled egg or cottage cheese. Small amounts of Timothy hay can be provided to add some extra fibre to the diet. Don’t change their food suddenly as this can upset their digestive system – introduce small amounts of new foods gradually, day by day. 

How often should I feed my dwarf hamsters? 

Feed the commercial hamster mix twice daily, morning and evening. Remove any uneaten food, especially the food that will go mouldy most quickly. Hamsters have cheek pouches and use these to carry food to be hoarded (hidden) around their cage, so look out for hidden food that could be going off. 

How much should I feed my dwarf hamsters? 

Each of your hamsters should be given around a tablespoon of the commercial hamster mix each day. 

Can I feed my dwarf hamsters treats? 

Hamsters like sunflower seeds and peanuts but these are high in fat so should only be fed occasionally, as treats. Feeding too many is like feeding a child too much chocolate! Sugar-based treats (e.g. ’honey sticks’) should be kept to a minimum as they can contribute to obesity and some hamsters are prone to diabetes. Natural treats, which are enjoyed by hamsters and are healthy for them, are available from pet shops. 

Drinking water for your dwarf hamster

Water for your dwarf hamsters 

What’s the best way to provide water for my hamsters? 

Hamsters need constant access to fresh clean drinking water from a suitable water bottle with a metal spout. 

How much water should my dwarf hamsters drink? 

The average daily water intake for a hamster is around 10ml per 100g body weight. 

I think one of my dwarf hamsters is drinking more than usual, is this important? 

If any of your hamsters starts to drink significantly more or less than usual, this can be a sign of a medical problem so you should make an appointment to see your vet.

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