Feeding your ferrets

What should I feed my ferrets? 

It is best to feed commercial ferret nuggets, available from pet shops or pet supermarkets, as these contain all the nutrients that ferrets need, in the right amounts.  Ferrets are carnivores (meat eaters), so can’t survive on a vegetarian diet. 

How much should I feed my ferrets? 

Follow the packet feeding guidelines and weigh the food out to check you’re getting the amount right. This will prevent overfeeding and obesity. 

Can I feed my ferrets treats? 

Many ferrets like eggs, so you can give them a whole egg (in its shell) from time to time, as a treat. Generally, though, treats should be avoided because they can lead to obesity. Ferrets like vitamin pastes, available from pet shops, so if you are training your ferrets using treats, this is a good treat to use. Don’t feed human foods (e.g. cakes) or fruit because these can cause digestive upsets. 

How can I safely introduce new food to my ferrets? 

Suddenly changing the food you give your ferrets can upset their digestive system, so always introduce new foods gradually over about a week, unless your vet tells you otherwise. 

Water for your ferrets 

What’s the best way to provide water for my ferrets? 

Ferrets need constant access to fresh clean drinking water from a suitable water bottle with a metal spout. Bowls can be messy because ferrets will turn them over or may use them as a toilet.

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