Looking back on 2011 ….

Between March and October PDSA PetCheck nurses travelled throughout the UK to help dog owners have a better understanding of their pet’s health. This included discussing diet and nutrition, preventive treatments as well as dental care, coat condition and general fitness. For the first time, dog owners were also able to get their dogs’ microchipped, enabling them to be permanently identified and eradicate the risk of getting lost.

Understanding pets needs ….

Following PDSA’s landmark PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report, which showed that while we are a nation of animal lovers, many owners aren’t aware of what their pets need to live a healthy and happy life, PDSA PetCheck nurses provided advice on the care of other popular pets.

Looking forward to 2012 ….

In 2012 PDSA will expand its association with local councils, housing trusts, other charities and commercial retailers to raise awareness of pets needs. PDSA nurses will also continue to visit schools to educate young people about pet health.

If you are planning an event that would benefit from a PDSA PetCheck presence or you are a dog warden that would like to organise a special PetCheck week, please contact Donna French, Events & Promotions Officer, at PDSA, either by email: french.donna@pdsa.org.uk or by calling 01952 290999.

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