Bobby the dog

Introducing Bobby

Big Bobby is undergoing a diet and fitness programme being specially tailored by the vets and nurses at Bow PDSA PetAid hospital.

Where it went wrong

Bobby’s problems began around three or four years ago after the death of his owner. He was taken on by her daughter Annette Green but has gradually been getting bigger and bigger. The eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel likes ham and cakes and even enjoys his own takeaway portion once a week.

Not only is Bobby’s weight a major concern but he also suffers with a heart murmur and breathing problems. Annette says she wants to do all she can to help her podgy pet lose weight.

She said: “I’d like him to lose weight and get healthier as this will give him a better chance in life. He’s also a living link to my mum as well so I want to keep him around as long as possible.”

Bobby the dog
The ideal size for Bobby

Vital Stats

Current weight: 21.1kg (3st 5lb)

% overweight: 111%

Ideal weight: 10kg

Bad Habits

Bobby may well have enjoyed his regular favourite Chicken Tikka Masala and his ham- flavoured chews but these are strictly off the menu as part of his new PDSA Pet Fit Club diet.

PDSA Vet Advice

Elaine Pendlebury, PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, said: “Pet obesity poses not only major health risks such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease, but sadly also means daily misery for millions of pets who are feeling the strain from carrying too much weight.

“Vet practices across the UK see the consequences of pet obesity every single day such as obese dogs unable to enjoy regular walks due to exhaustion, fat cats that can’t jump or play, and rabbits so hopelessly overweight they can’t clean themselves properly. And then there are other obesity-related health conditions which can mean pets don’t lead the long and happy lives they should. But the good news is that it’s never too late to make positive changes to your pet’s diet and lifestyle.”

PDSA advises that owners always consult their own vet for diet advice and pet exercise advice. Why not visit our pet health video pages for further information too.

Watch fat dog Bobby’s video

Check out Bobby at the start of their six-month diet and exercise programme with PDSA vets and nurses, who are helping them battle the bulge to become a healthier and happier dog.


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