Your Right Pet

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Already have a pet and want to know if they've got everything they need? Find out about your pet's 5 welfare needs.

The law says that you must be 16 or over to buy or own an animal. Anyone under that age should talk to a responsible adult about everything that's involved in owning a family pet and work through these questions with them.

Your Right Pet will suggest pets that might be suitable for you, based on your lifestyle and circumstances. It will not suggest exotic pets like reptiles, or large animals like horses. These pets are particularly demanding to keep properly, requiring specialist knowledge and care.

UFAW Award

Winner of the 2010 UFAW Companion Animal Welfare Award

Winner of the 2010 UFAW Companion Animal Welfare Award

PDSA's Your Right Pet has been awarded the 2010 UFAW (Universities Federation for Animal Welfare) Companion Animal Welfare Award.

The international award is made to recognise significant innovations for the welfare of companion animals.

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