New Nottingham PDSA Pet Wellbeing Centre

We are excited to unveil plans to build a brand new PDSA hospital, a 'Wellbeing Centre' for pets in and around Nottingham.

The current Pet Hospital, on Dunkirk Road, has been open for over 60 years, making it the oldest PDSA hospital in the country. In this time it has been updated and extended so we can help an ever-growing number of pets.

But the building is now struggling to cope – the waiting room and consulting rooms are too small and there is not enough car park space. We want to be able to treat your pets in the best environment, and do everything we can to help you keep them happy and healthy.

The Centre will be modern and designed to enable us to provide the best possible treatment for all our pet patients. It will feature:

  • A bigger, brighter waiting area, with separate areas for cats and dogs
  • Eight consulting rooms
  • Two operating theatres
  • A specialist dental theatre
  • A diagnostic room
  • Digital x-ray facilities
  • Improved kennel facilities
  • More care parking.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on 0800 731 2502.

View an artist's impression our our brand new Nottingham Pet Wellbeing Centre

An artists Impression of our new Nottingham Pet Wellbeing Centre

Have a question about the Pet Wellbeing Centre? Find an answer in our FAQs below:


How much is the hospital costing?

The new PDSA Pet Wellbeing Centre will cost around £3.7 million to build and equip.

How are you paying for the new hospital?

PDSA is fundraising to raise the money needed to build the new hospital.  We have already raised an incredible £2,515,610 million thanks to our generous supporters and partners.

How will the new hospital be better than the current hospital?

The new PDSA Pet Wellbeing Centre will be modern and designed to enable us to provide the best possible treatment for all our pet patients long into the future. 

It will feature a bigger, brighter waiting area, with separate areas for cats and dogs, eight consulting rooms and two operating theatres.  It was also have a specialist dental theatre, a diagnostic room, digital x-ray facilities, improved kennel facilities and more car parking.

Why are you building a new hospital?

The current hospital on Dunkirk Road has been our much-loved home in Nottingham for over 60 years. Sadly it is now struggling to cope with the number of pets that need our help. It’s too small and lacks some of modern facilities we need.

When will it open?

Building work will start Summer 2021 and the Wellbeing Centre will be open Summer 2022.  More information about exact dates will be available closer to the time.

When is the current hospital closing?

The current hospital will remain open until the new Centre is ready to open, to ensure minimal disruption to services.  Further details will be provided closer to the time.

What will happen to the current hospital?

The current hospital will close permanently once the new Centre is ready to open.

Will I need to re-register?

No, your registration will continue as normal.

Will eligibility or services change?

No, postcode catchment areas, eligibility and the veterinary services we provide will stay the same.

What is the address of the new Centre?

MarCity Park, Radford Road, Basford, Nottingham, NG7 7EF 

How can I get to the new site?

The new Centre will have better car parking for owners to allow easier access.  It is close to the main road and public transport networks.

Why are you moving to Basford?

Rebuilding at the current location is not an option because the land is leased.

We needed a location big enough to house the new Pet Wellbeing Centre, that is located within our wide catchment area and where the need for PDSA is greatest. The site in Basford provides all of these, along with right transport links and enough parking to make it more accessible to more people in need.

Who should I contact if I have further questions or need to update my details?

You can call 0800 019 9004 or use our enquiry form.