A special way to remember them and their love of animals

A donation to PDSA is a wonderful way to honour the memory of someone who loved animals. PDSA is very grateful to receive donations especially as they mean so much to you. These donations really make a difference to the lives of animals. A donation of £20 would pay for a metal plate to fix an animal’s broken leg. £650 could help towards the cost of treating a cat shot by an airgun. Whatever the amount, sick and injured pets will be on the road to recovery, thanks to your kind donation.

If you make a donation to PDSA in memory of a loved one, they will be commemorated with an entry in our Book of Remembrance. You can also create a tribute page in their memory. To find an existing tribute page go to the Book of Remembrance.

Book of Remembrance

Welcome to PDSA's Book of Remembrance. A special place to commemorate your loved one and their love of pets.

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Create a tribute page

A tribute page is a truly special place where family and friends can join together to pay their respects and honours the memory of someone they loved. It's a place to connect with other who care, to share treasured thoughts and stories. It provides a source of comfort that you can open at any time, whenever you are thinking of them day or night.

If you make a donation to PDSA in memory of a loved one, they will be commemorated forever with an entry in our Book of Remembrance. You can then set up a tribute page to honour them. You can share this page with family and friends, through our email link, enabling them to write down their feelings, memories, support or condolences if they want to.

Remember the day

Many families like to mark special anniversaries on a loved one’s tribute page by adding messages and making donations. 

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Donate in memory of a loved one

When someone we love has been taken from us, we want to show how much we cared for them. You can help their deep love for animals live on by making a donation in their memory. You can donate online here, or at a PDSA shop, or by writing a cheque to ‘PDSA’ and posting it to FREEPOST PDSA.

Donations may also be made via a link from entries in the Book of Remembrance.

Donate in memory

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Funeral donations

If instead of funeral flowers you are requesting donations are made to PDSA in memory of your loved one, you can set up a tribute page here.

Create a tribute page

Fundraising in memory

Many people like to commemorate their loves one’s life and their fondness for animals by fundraising in their memory.

Visit our Fundraising pages for more information on how to get involved and raise funds for PDSA.

Need help?

If you need any help in finding your loved one, creating a tribute page or making a donation in memory please get in touch, either by phone 0800 591248 or contact us using our online form.