Dangerous Christmas decorations to be aware of if you’re a pet owner

by PDSA | 17 November

For many families, adding all the festive touches to the home is one of the most magical parts of Christmas. From twinkly lights around the tree to delicate snow globes on the windowsill, our homes are transformed overnight to celebrate the festive season.
Build your own cardboard cat house
| 7 December
Our beloved feline friends provide so much love to us – so why not treat and build them their own cardboard cat house?
Vet Q&As: Pets and antibiotics
| 17 November
Since the marvellous discovery of penicillin back in 1928, infections have been much easier to treat. Antibiotics have completely transformed modern medicine, saving the lives of countless people and pets.
XL Bully Ban: What does the announcement mean for me?
| 1 November
On Tuesday 31 October 2023, the UK Government banned the XL Bully breed following a series of serious and, in some cases, fatal attacks.
Homemade pet treats for cats and dogs: Pumpkin cookies
| 19 September
Are you looking for a delicious autumn treat to feed your beloved four-legged friend? Then, we’ve got you covered with an easy-to-make homemade pumpkin cookie recipe for cats and dogs! It’s the perfect homemade pet treat for your furry companion!
Why and when pets moult
| 18 September
Although moulting is natural, the amount of fur coming off your pet can sometimes seem never-ending!
Who keeps the dog after a breakup?
| 15 September
Over four million dogs were welcomed into families in just the last three years*, with many couples cementing their family unit with a four-legged companion. We know pets bring so much joy to our lives, but what if you decide it is best to part ways…? Who gets the dog then?


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