Vet Q&A: How can I deal with the loss of a pet?

by PDSA | 20 January

Losing a pet can be a really difficult time. While it’s not something any of us want to go through, sadly all pet owners will have to at some stage.
Why older pets can be great
| 13 January
Sure, puppies and kittens are cute, but sometimes an older pet might be the perfect match. Adopting an older pet can be a great choice for some owners.
Vet Q&A: Should I insure my pet?
| 6 January
Pets are great, but they are also a big responsibility and caring for them can be expensive. Getting insurance is a great way to help cover your pet should anything bad happen.
Brexit: what to do if you travel with pets in Europe
| 3 January
If you regularly travel to the EU from the UK with your four-legged friend there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of.
Vet Q&A: How do I know if my cat is too fat?
| 30 December 2019
We often see overweight pets but sometimes it can be difficult for owners to know if your pet is overweight or not. After all, you see them every day so you might not notice them piling on the pounds at first!
New Year’s resolutions for pet owners
| 23 December 2019
It’s nearly 2020 and you might be thinking about a new year, new you – so why not include your pet in your resolutions?
Vet Q&A: Can we feed the dog Christmas dinner?
| 16 December 2019
We’re feeling really festive here and it’s the time of year that most owners might be thinking of giving their dog an extra treat on Christmas day.


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