Vet Q&A: Can pets catch Coronavirus?

by PDSA Vets | 5 March

Following recent reports of a cat testing positive for Covid-19 in the UK, we understand you may be concerned about your pet. While there is no need to worry, our vets have provided some guidance on how to take sensible precautions to keep everyone safe during this time.
10 things you might not know about rabbits
| 11 August
We love our bunny buddies, and this Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) we’re celebrating how awesome they are!
Nine cats given a second chance
| 7 August
With a lot of uncertainty around at the moment, we thought we’d bring some good news in the form of these lucky kitties who used up one of their nine lives but lived to tell the tale!
Easy tunnel toy for rabbits
| 5 August
It's time to fight the bunny boredom with something you can make using items from around the home! This super easy rabbit tunnel will provide your bunnies with something new and fun to explore.
Homemade summer treats for your pet
| 30 July
As the weather starts warming up again, keeping your pet cool is really important (after all, they are wearing a fur coat). We’ve put together some easy homemade treats that will help keep your pet cool.
Top tips for camping with pets
| 29 July
There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the great outdoors, and a camping trip with your four-legged friend may be the perfect break for you both.
What the world means for pets post-lockdown
by Rachel
| 24 July
Changing routine can be unsettling for our pets. PDSA Scientific Officer and certified canine behaviourist, Rachel, gives her top tips on helping pets adapt as we start to go out and about more.


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