How to make a mouse cat toy

by PDSA | 9 December

With Christmas coming, you might be thinking about getting a special gift for your cat. Or someone else’s cat. Learn how to make your own toy.
Vet Q&A: Should we get a pet for Christmas?
| 2 December
Christmas is a lot of fun, but can be really chaotic. We’re often asked if it’s OK to get a pet at Christmas.
Dogs: the impostors
| 25 November
When’s a dog not a dog? When it looks like something else entirely. We’re looking at dog breeds that don’t always look like dogs. Just for fun!
Vet Q&A: How can I keep my rabbits warm in cold weather?
| 18 November
Rabbits are used to being outside, but when the temperature starts to drop even they can feel the chill! You’ll need to make some small changes to keep your rabbits warm through the winter months.
PDSA Founder’s Day
| 11 November
With our Founder's Day fast approaching, we're celebrating our incredible founder, Maria Dickin, and looking forward to how we're keeping her legacy alive.
Our favourite PDSA Dickin Medal recipients
| 4 November
Leading up to Remembrance Day, we’re taking a look at some of the animals who showed bravery and devotion to duty in conflicts all over the world.
Vet Q&A: Does my dog need to wear a coat on winter walks?
| 28 October
Despite their fur coats, some dogs feel the cold more than others. Most dogs are usually fine with short periods in the cold, but some definitely need a bit of extra warmth!


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