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Your monthly donation to PDSA means you’re helping pets in need every day. A regular donation is the best way to make sure these animals are getting the care they need and deserve. Our 48 busy Pet Hospitals couldn’t run without your ongoing support.

It costs £64 million a year to keep our current services running and with no government funding, we depend on the generosity of supporters like you to keep our doors open for vulnerable pets and their owners.

Your monthly donation is vital in helping us plan ahead. It means we can secure more income and plan for a future where we can reach every family that needs us. Can you be part of that future?



per month

helps to buy syringes for one of our Pet Hospitals and keep them stocked up



per month

could buy antibiotics for a pet in need



per month

pays for ongoing medication to treat a pet with a poorly heart

Choose your own amount

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to help poorly pets in need every single day

How donating regularly helps us

Without us, so many pets would go without the life-saving treatment they need. But we’re not just there in emergencies – our vets and nurses see lots of pets who need ongoing care. We also see lots of pets who need ongoing care and regular donations mean we can support them for as long as they need our help.

From pets needing emergency surgery after car accidents, to ongoing support to help make a dog’s life easier with arthritis, we are here to support pets and their families through their toughest times.

We can’t predict what is going to happen and when owners fall on hard times, their pet shouldn’t have to pay the price. We save pets and help families but wouldn’t be here without your support.

Bill can walk again after he was nearly put to sleep because of his crippling arthritis

Flearoy needed emergency care after falling from a fifth-storey window

Sky needed an operation after she developed a deadly infection

Looking to give a one-off donation?

If you’re looking to give a one-off donation right now, head to our one-off donations page for more information. We appreciate all of your support and however you choose to donate, you’re helping thousands of pets across the UK.