Meet our pet patients

Our veterinary teams carry out over 2.8 million treatments a year through our 48 Pet Hospitals. From dogs who have eaten something they shouldn't, to cats who didn't quite land on their feet, we see some truly remarkable 'tails'! 

Below, you can read about the life-saving veterinary care our amazing teams provide to pet patients. 



Read about the poorly pooches we've helped.


PDSA vets have saved a ten-month-old Siberian Husky called Mylo when he became ill after after eating a discarded facemask.

Mylo's story


PDSA vets have saved a one-year-old dog called Dre after a wooden stick became lodged under his tongue.

Dre's story


PDSA vets warn dog owners to take care during walks after Paris fell victim to Alabama Rot

Paris' story


PDSA vets have saved a seven-month-old German Shepherd called Narla after she ate a lethal amount of dark chocolate and raisins.

Narla's story


PDSA vets have saved a Husky-cross called Pax when he became ill after swallowing a tennis ball.

Pax's story


PDSA vets have saved a seven-month-old Rottweiler called Bruno after he caught a life-threatening virus.

Bruno’s story


PDSA vets have saved a five-year-old dog called Marley after he became impaled on a stick during a game of fetch.

Marley's story


PDSA vets have saved a nine-year old Dogue de Bordeaux after she suffered from a deadly twisted stomach.

Honey's story


PDSA vets have saved a six-year old Basset Hound twice after he suffered from an infected ear canal and later swallowed an unidentified object on a walk.

Jethro's story


PDSA vets have saved a nine-month old crossbreed puppy after he swallowed a stick that was half the length of his body.

Rocky's story


Poppy needed emergency surgery after being badly bitten by another dog during a walk.

Poppy's story


PDSA vets provided life-saving care for Nels after he ingested a foil packet of tablets.

Nels' story


Finlay was fighting for his life after his body temperature soared to a life threatening 108°F.

Finlay's story


Krug needed emergency surgery after swallowing a whole corn-on-the-cob

Krug's story


Manchester PDSA has been a lifeline for Ruffin, whose recurring health conditions mean he needs constant check ups at the vets.

Ruffin's story


Biscuit needed urgent treatment after eating a fatal amount of chocolate.

Biscuit's story


Winston needed an emergency operation after suffering a deadly twisted stomach.

Winston's story


Thea had been neglected and attacked by an older dog when she was brought to PDSA for life-saving care.

Thea's story


It was a race against time for Ellie after she became ill with a deadly womb infection.

Ellie's story


Some of our feline friends who have needed our care.


Ten-year-old cat Hans survived major surgery to remove his eyes and is reunited with his loving owner thanks to PDSA vets.

Hans' story


PDSA vets have saved a two-month-old kitten on Christmas day after he became ill having swallowed a metal bell from a Christmas decoration.

Louie's story


PDSA vets have saved a nine-month-old kitten twice after she was hit by a car in the middle of the night and later developed a potentially fatal womb infection.

Shams' story

Teddy Bear

PDSA vets have saved a seven-year-old cat after a horrific airgun attack resulted in his leg needing amputation.

Teddy Bear's story


PDSA vets have saved a seven-year-old cat called Bobby from skin cancer before it had a chance to spread.

Bobby's story


PDSA vets have saved a two-year-old tabby after he was hit by a car and suffered life-threatening injuries.

Perci's story


Nugget was saved by PDSA vets after falling 30-foot from a second-storey window.

Nugget's story


Albert needed life-saving surgery after being trapped under the bonnet of a moving car for twenty minutes.

Albert's story


Irwin's life saved by PDSA after eating hairbands

Irwin's story


When Saturn's owner found him in the garden unable to walk, she had to turn to PDSA for life-saving surgery.

Saturn's story


Toby's owner was distraught after finding Toby covered in blood, with bite marks to his ear and a broken jaw.

Toby's story


Plucky kitten Luna got more than she bargained for when she found some lilies.

Luna's story


When Buddy ran out in front of a car, his owner feared the worst.

Buddy's story


When Jay didn't come home one day, his owner had no idea he'd gotten into trouble on the train tracks.

Jay's story

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