Thanks to PDSA Vets, Savi the cat is back on all four paws again after getting his toe stuck in a plughole.

11-month-old Savi was being washed by his owner Kriss (33, unemployed), when one of his back paws became trapped in the plughole.

Kriss explained: “I was bathing Savi as he was suffering from diarrhoea and got in a bit of a mess. He didn’t enjoy being bathed, so he kicked his legs to get out, which is when one of his toes became stuck. He couldn’t release his paw.

“It was really scary. I’ve never been in a situation like that so I didn’t know what to do. I was alone in the house too, which made things worse as no one could help us.

“I tried to remove his toe but couldn’t - it was firmly stuck. So instead, I removed the plughole from the bath itself. Once it released, I straightaway took Savi to our local PDSA.”

A distraught Kriss brought Savi to Coventry PDSA Pet Hospital, where the vet team carefully assessed his injuries.

PDSA Vet Maisie Hopkins, who treated Savi at the Pet Hospital, said: “Both Savi and Kriss were distressed when they got to us. After examining Savi’s toe, we gave him a general anaesthetic before removing the plughole with wire cutters. We then stitched up the wound and applied a bandage before he returned home.”

Photos of Savi's plughole injury

At his post-op check-up appointment a few days later, both Kriss and the PDSA Vet were pleased that Savi’s wound was healing well.

Kriss, who is currently out of work training towards his security guard licence, says that the current cost-of-living crisis has been “tough” for him and his fiancé Joanna (29). However, the couple ensures their beloved Savi always “comes first”.

He explained: “Times are hard because of the cost of living crisis. We’ve noticed our bills going up – and not just gas and electricity like you see in the papers. Everything has gone up – food, shopping, basic stuff. It’s tough.

“I always make sure Savi has what he needs though. He comes first. He is a loving, funny – but also lazy – cat. He loves to play as much as he loves to sleep. I was worried he wouldn’t be the same after what happened because it scared him, but he’s back to his usual self.

“I’m very grateful to the kind PDSA staff who helped us. I’m not sure what we would have done without them. They were really there for us when we needed them.”

Total cost of Savi’s treatment: £281.59

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