PDSA Animal Awards Programme

PDSA runs the world's most distinguished and respected Animal Awards Programme.

Through these awards we recognise acts of extraordinary animal bravery or exceptional devotion to duty by awarding three globally-recognised medals and a commendation for devotion.

PDSA Dickin Medal

Universally acknowledged as the animals' Victoria Cross. Instituted in 1943, it recognises animals that display conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty in the field of military conflict. The PDSA Dickin Medal has been awarded 75 times since 1943. The recipients comprise 38 dogs, 32 pigeons, 4 horses and 1 cat.

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PDSA Gold Medal

The civilian equivalent of the PDSA Dickin Medal and it is often known as the Animals' George Cross. The PDSA Gold Medal was instituted in 2002 and recognises remarkable bravery and dedication to duty. The Gold Medal has been awarded 30 times since 2002.

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PDSA Order of Merit

The newest award to be added to PDSA's award programme. Instituted in June 2014, it recognises animals that have shown outstanding acts of devotion and that symbolise the special relationship between animals and humans.

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PDSA Commendation

The PDSA Commendation was instituted in 2001 to recognise acts of animal devotion or bravery. Recipients include pets that have provided great help and companionship, supported their owners through difficult periods, raised the alarm in times of need, or simply made life better through their love and loyalty.

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How can I nominate an animal for a PDSA award?

Thank you for your interest in the PDSA Animal Awards Programme.

Unfortunately, the Animal Awards Programme is currently closed for nominations.

Please do keep checking back for future updates.