PDSA Order of Merit

The PDSA Order of Merit is known as the animals’ OBE. It recognises animals that display outstanding devotion to their owner or wider society, above and beyond normal companionship – and represents an exceptional example of the special relationship between animals and humans.

The inaugural award, in 2014, recognised horses and dogs serving with the Metropolitan Police.

Recipients could include service animals, such as those in the police force, assistance dogs or medical detection dogs. By creating the PDSA Order of Merit, we can ensure that all extraordinary animal contributions to society can now be formally recognised and honoured, however and wherever they occur.

To date, we have awarded the PDSA Order of Merit to 10 police horses and 7 dogs.

Bow Street Stables

Police Horse no.100 Defender
Police Horse no.97 Judge
Police Horse no.106 Kensington (posthumous)
Police Horse no.81 Livingstone

Kings Cross Stables

Police Horse no.90 Boris
Police Horse no.109 Laurel
Police Horse no.62 General
Police Horse no.16 Deats

Great Scotland Yard Stables

Police Horse no.46 Hector (posthumous)
Police Horse no.96 Intrepid

Date of award: 17 June 2014

‘For their actions during the 2011 London riots.’

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Search and rescue dog for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and UK’s International Search and Rescue Team
Date of award: 16 March 2017

‘For outstanding devotion to duty on behalf of UK International Search and Rescue, 2006 – 2016.’

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Police Dog Sweep

Detection Dog for Lothian and Borders Police and Police Scotland
Date of award: 24 February 2017

‘For outstanding devotion to duty in his role as the UK’s only Poison Detection Dog.’

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Sabakka (Sabby)

Date of award: 24 February 2017

‘For touching the lives of many vulnerable adults in her role as an Occupational Therapy Dog.’

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Springer Spaniel
Assistance Dog
Date of Award: 25 October 2016

“For being a loyal and constant companion and enriching the life of her owner.”

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Royal Navy Rescue, Severn Area Rescue Association and Newfound Friends
Date of Award (Posthumous): 22 March 2016

“For lifesaving devotion and outstanding companionship”

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Springer Spaniel
Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police
Date of Award (Posthumous): 29 April 2015

"For outstanding devotion to duty on behalf of Warwickshire and West Mercia Police 2004-2014"

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Linpol Luke (Obi)
German Shepherd
Metropolitan Police Service Dog Support Unit
Date of Award: 17 June 2014

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Awards are approved by PDSA’s Council following receipt of an official citation, supported by a corroborative witness statement or a character statement.

To request more information about PDSA Order of Merit Medal please use our General Enquiries Online Form

If you know of an animal that has displayed outstanding acts of devotion to their owner or wider society, or that is an outstanding example of the special relationship between animals and humans, you can make a nomination by using our General Enquiries online form or in writing by post to:

Amy Dickin
Whitechapel Way