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Your one-off donation will help sick and injured pets get the treatment they desperately need. Your generous support is needed now to help give pets a fighting chance.

Our Pet Hospital doors are still open and demand for our service remains high. By donating today, you can help keeps the nation's most vulnerable pets safe.



one off

could buy antibiotics to help a pet fight off infection



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pays for the tests needed to diagnose serious illnesses



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could buy a box of surgical gloves

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to help poorly pets across the country

Why we need your help now

Pets have done so much to improve our health and wellbeing during the pandemic. But now they are at increased risk. With millions of new pets combined with the financial hardships caused by the pandemic it’s vital that pets and their owners can access our life-saving services and get the treatment they deserve.

Every pound we receive makes a difference to the life of a sick or injured pet, to our staff needing supplies, and to the owner faced with losing their best friend. Your donations will help us be there for pets, like they’ve been there for us.

Have you considered giving monthly?

We appreciate every donation made to us and every penny you can give goes a long way in helping poorly pets across the country.

By giving monthly, you can help us plan for the future and keep our Pet Hospitals stocked all year round. Even as little as £3 a month could help buy the syringes we use daily. 

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