Toots saved from a life-threatening womb infection

PDSA vets saved seven-year-old cat, Toots, who was suffering from severe pyometra, a potentially fatal womb infection.

Toots’ owner, 55-year-old Garry Moore from Glasgow, first realised something was wrong when she disappeared for a few hours, which was unusual for her.

After finding her curled up in her bed, Garry could tell something wasn’t right. 

He said: “She was very lethargic and had discharge coming from her back end, so I decided to watch her closely overnight. I thought she was going into labour after an unexpected pregnancy but when it came to the morning, she was showing no signs of improvement. I rang PDSA and they were worried that her symptoms could be as a result of a serious illness.”

Staff at PDSA’s Shamrock Street Pet Hospital requested Garry bring Toots in for a face-to-face consultation right away.

Photo of Toots after her surgery

When the charity’s vets examined Toots, they found she had a swollen tummy. A scan of her abdomen confirmed their concerns: her womb was filled with pus from a severe infection – a condition called pyometra. She was hooked up to an intravenous fluid drip to stabilise her before a life-saving operation to remove her infected womb.

Thankfully, the ovariohysterectomy surgery was a success. Toots recovered well from her surgery and that evening, Garry was allowed to take her home with pain relief, a buster collar and strict instructions to rest.

Garry said: “I was shocked and very worried but I knew she was in good hands with PDSA.”

PDSA vet Olivia Anderson-Nathan said: “Toots was very fortunate that her owner spotted something wasn’t right and sought help. Thankfully for Toots we were able to give her the help she needed in the nick of time.

“Pyometra is sadly really common in unneutered pets. Toots had typical symptoms, including vaginal discharge. However, this isn’t always seen and pyometra can be a silent killer, as it can often make a pet dangerously ill before owners notice anything more than them being a bit off colour."

Two photos of Toots at home

“The good news is that this condition can be completely prevented by neutering. We did the ‘spay’ surgery for Toots while she was critically ill and luckily were able to save her life, but getting pets neutered when they are young and healthy is often safer and helps to prevent serious health issues such as this and other conditions like mammary cancer, as well as unwanted litters.”

Garry said: “Toots means the world to me. My pets are my best friends and have been great company for me during the pandemic as I haven’t been going out much due to my health.”

“I am so grateful to PDSA for their help, the vets were very kind and professional. They worked a miracle with her; she’s back to her usual affectionate self!”

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