Cherished kitten, Oreo, is given “a new lease of life” after PDSA Vets removed his ruptured eye

When Tahira first laid eyes on Oreo, a black and white kitten, she knew he was meant to be part of her family. However, she never anticipated how challenging the first few months of Oreo’s life would be as a result of his sore eye.

She explained: “I adopted Oreo when he was just six weeks old. I knew that he was far too young to take home in normal circumstances, but the mum refused to feed any of her litter as the kittens were poorly. I learned that the rest of the litter was going to be put to sleep.

“I was immediately drawn to Oreo. He had a really sore eye but I knew that we were meant to care for him. The person we adopted him from gave me some eye ointment, but I had no idea just how sick Oreo would become.”

Within two days of being in his new home, Oreo had stopped eating and drinking. Unsure of what to do, a very worried Tahira contacted her local PDSA Aston Pet Hospital for help.

She said: “It all happened during the first COVID-19 lockdown, so I was very relieved when they said to bring Oreo to the hospital that same day.”

A PDSA Vet examined Oreo’s eye and informed Tahira that, since the eye had ruptured and would have been causing Oreo extreme pain, he would need surgery to remove it completely. However, Oreo needed to gain weight before he could have the operation. He was given antibiotic eye drops and tablets to help relieve his eye and a special type of food that would make him gain weight.

Tahira continued: “For three weeks, my two boys and I syringe-fed Oreo every two hours. We even had a “night shift” so he was never left alone and never missed a feed! He had recurrent eye problems that would set him back - it was such a worrying time for us all, we just wanted him to be okay.”

Thankfully, Oreo became strong enough for surgery and returned to PDSA Aston Pet Hospital a few weeks later.

A PDSA Vet said: “Oreo was admitted for surgery to remove his ruptured eye under a general anaesthetic. The procedure went well and he was able to go home that same day with a cone collar, painkillers and instructions to complete his course of antibiotics.”

Tahira continued: “Oreo is now a happy and healthy two-year-old. His eye removal surgery hasn’t affected his quality of life and he remains a playful boy. Last year, we adopted another kitten, Milo, who Oreo loves playing with. It’s lovely to watch!

“I can’t imagine my home without Oreo - he’s not “just a pet”, he’s a cherished member of our family and brings so much joy to our household every day. The team at PDSA Aston gave Oreo a new lease of life. If they hadn’t helped me get the treatment Oreo so desperately needed, he might not have survived. It breaks my heart to think about it.”

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