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Vet Q&A: Should we get a pet for Christmas?

by PDSA | 2 December

Christmas is a lot of fun, but can be really chaotic. We’re often asked if it’s OK to get a pet at Christmas.

Vet Q&A: How can I keep my rabbits warm in cold weather?

by PDSA | 18 November

Rabbits are used to being outside, but when the temperature starts to drop even they can feel the chill! You’ll need to make some small changes to keep your rabbits warm through the winter months.

Vet Q&A: Does my dog need to wear a coat on winter walks?

by PDSA | 28 October

Despite their fur coats, some dogs feel the cold more than others. Most dogs are usually fine with short periods in the cold, but some definitely need a bit of extra warmth!

Vet Q&A: My pet is really scared of fireworks – how can I help them through firework season?

by PDSA | 14 October

Fireworks night can cause a lot of stress for our pets (and us). If you pet isn't used to the sound of fireworks, you might find they get scared on bonfire night. We've put together our vet's advice on helping your pet through firework night.

Vet Q&A: Will neutering really calm my dog down?

by PDSA | 30 September

Dogs can be energetic depending on their age, breed and how much exercise they are getting. We're taking a look at whether or not neutering can help 'calm' a dog down.

Vet Q&A: My cat has special food for their kidneys – how can I get them to eat it?

by PDSA | 16 September

If your cat has kidney disease, your vet will likely recommend a special diet for them. These diets contain lower levels of phosphorous, protein and sodium so that the kidneys don’t have to work so hard.


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