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Halloween survival guide for pets

by PDSA | 19 October

Although ghosts and ghouls might give us a scare, nothing frightens us more than our pets being in danger. Sadly, there could be hazards in your home for pets this Halloween - from frightening foods to dangerous decorations.

A day in the life of PDSA Head Nurse Kay

by PDSA | 6 October

Head Nurse Kay shares how she achieved her dream job of becoming a Vet Nurse and a typical day at PDSA.

Caring for your pet in autumn

by PDSA | 1 October

From muddy walks, to running through crisp golden leaves, there’s so much to enjoy in autumn – but as with any change of season, there’s lots of things we need to do to keep our pets safe and healthy during the autumnal months. We’re here to help you any avoid any freaky mishaps, so you and your pet can enjoy all the fun the season has to offer!

10 things to consider when organising a dog-friendly festival

by PDSA | 8 September

Organising a dog-friendly event or even a community get-together, can be fun and rewarding, but with lots to consider it can also be a little overwhelming. Our vets are here to help with 10 top tips for planning the perfect dog-friendly event!

Top tips for taking your dog to a festival

by PDSA | 7 September

It’s festival season and it’s great that many events are becoming more and more dog friendly! We couldn’t be more pleased that we can bring our favourite four-legged friends along for the festival fun, however, it’s important to do all we can to keep our pooches safe on the day. Here’s our top tips!

How to get running with your dog

by PDSA | 7 September

Running with your favourite four-legged friend is a great way to stay healthy while creating a special bond. However, no matter what level you're currently at, it's always important for both you and your pooch to ease into running and build up fitness over time. Our vets are here to help with an easy to follow running plan!


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