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How to make a mouse cat toy

by PDSA | 9 December

With Christmas coming, you might be thinking about getting a special gift for your cat. Or someone else’s cat. Learn how to make your own toy.

PDSA Founder’s Day

by PDSA | 11 November

With our Founder's Day fast approaching, we're celebrating our incredible founder, Maria Dickin, and looking forward to how we're keeping her legacy alive.

Our favourite PDSA Dickin Medal recipients

by PDSA | 4 November

Leading up to Remembrance Day, we’re taking a look at some of the animals who showed bravery and devotion to duty in conflicts all over the world.

How to make a den for your pet

by PDSA | 21 October

With firework season well on the way, it’s pretty understandable that our pets can get a bit twitchy. A lot of pets get really spooked by fireworks, so the best thing we can do as owners is make it as easy as possible for our pets.

How to spend time with pets if you can’t have one

by PDSA | 23 September

If you can't have a pet for whatever reason but love our four-legged friends, it can be really disheartening. But worry not! We've put together a list ways you can spend time with pets without actually having one of your own.

Removing pet hair from around the home

by PDSA | 9 September

Anyone with pets knows nothing is safe from their fur. Carpets, sofas, even your food sometimes. That’s why we’re bringing you the definitive guide to keeping on top of pet hair in your house.


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