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How to teach your dog the cup game

by Anna | 11 September

With children across the UK heading back to school, the house may be feeling a little quiet for our pets. PDSA Vet Anna has put together an easy guide on how to play the cup game with your dog to help keep them occupied.

What the world means for pets post-lockdown

by Rachel | 24 July

Changing routine can be unsettling for our pets. PDSA Scientific Officer and certified canine behaviourist, Rachel, gives her top tips on helping pets adapt as we start to go out and about more.

Agility for dogs: how to get started

by Anna | 20 July

As we settle into the new normal, you might be thinking about teaching your dog something new. PDSA Vet Anna has all the tips on getting started with agility training.

Fun games for dogs at home

by Anna | 16 July

PDSA Vet Anna takes a look at some easy games and activities you can do at home with your pooch to keep them active and occupied!

A day in the life of a PDSA vet

by Hermione | 22 May

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our frontline staff are still busy seeing poorly pets in our hospitals every day. You can find out more about how we’re carrying on through the crisis when we feature in Channel 4’s Britain’s Unsung Heroes, at 9pm on Wednesday 27 May.

Behaviour blog: top training tips for your dog

by Rachel | 1 May

PDSA Scientific Officer and certified canine behaviourist Rachel gives her top five tips on how to train your dog, no matter what commands you're trying to teach them.


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