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Vet Q&A: Does the change in seasons affect pets?

by PDSA Vets | 21 October

We all know that people can get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) this time of year and it might seem like our pets are under the weather too, but how much do the seasons really affect pets?

Vet Q&A: Do pets recognise people?

by PDSA Vets | 1 October

Whether you need to leave your pet with someone else while you’re on holiday, are heading off to uni, or your pet goes missing and you’re reunited, you might be wondering if your four-legged friend will still recognise you when you see them again.

Vet Q&A: Why is my dog biting/licking their paws?

by PDSA Vets | 26 August

You’d be surprised at how many cases we see of dogs biting or licking their paws – especially in summer and autumn. The problem is, there can be so many different reasons for it, ranging from allergies and insect bites, to boredom or anxiety.

Vet Q&A: Why does my dog keep barking?

by PDSA Vets | 23 July

Whether you’ve owned one or have had a neighbour with one – sometimes there’s nothing worse than a noisy dog! All dogs might bark at some point in their life, but some are definitely louder than others.

Vet Q&A: How can I get my pet used to people in facemasks?

by PDSA Vets | 3 July

As lockdown eases and we start to go out more, you might need to wear a facemask to help stop the spread. Covering our mouth and nose is necessary, but can be scary for our pets, especially as they’re a new addition to our lives

Vet Q&A: How can I stop dog pee killing grass?

by PDSA Vets | 10 June

Our dogs are great, but what their pee can do to the lawn isn’t so good! Sadly, dog pee killing grass is pretty inevitable, but there are some ways you can lessen the effects.


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