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Vet Q&A: Can I walk someone else’s dog during lockdown?

by PDSA Vets | 7 April

With a lot of people unable to walk their dog during the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of us may need to step in to lend a hand to family and friends. Our vets have put together advice to keep you and them safe.

Vet Q&A: How can I socialise my puppy during the lockdown?

by PDSA Vets | 27 March

It's important to socialise puppies from a young age, but with the lockdown and ongoing social distancing a lot of owners are worried they won't be able to do this. Our vets give their advice.

Vet Q&A: taking care of your pet during lockdown

by PDSA Vets | 24 March

With the recent announcement from the government about staying at home, we know a lot of people have concerns and questions. Our vets have been answering some FAQs.

Vet Q&A: Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice for self-isolating pet owners

by PDSA | 5 March

I’m self-isolating myself as advised, can my pet stay with me? How do I look after my pet during this time?

Vet Q&A: Can pets catch Coronavirus?

by PDSA | 5 March

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) is now having a direct impact on everyone’s daily lives, following the most recent instructions from the Government. So it’s no surprise a lot of pet owners are worried for their four-legged friends. We’ve been answering some of your questions.

Vet Q&A: How can I deal with the loss of a pet?

by PDSA | 20 January

Losing a pet can be a really difficult time. While it’s not something any of us want to go through, sadly all pet owners will have to at some stage.


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