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How to take a good photo of your pet

by PDSA | 28 February

Pets are adorable but it can be a complete nightmare trying to take a good photo of them. It’s not an impossible task, though, and there are some things that might make it easier.

Why pets are better than people

by PDSA | 10 February

Our pets are definitely part of our family, and you know what? We may be biased, but sometimes our pets are so much better than people for a lot of reasons!

10 interesting facts about rats

by PDSA | 27 January

Rats get a bad rep, but as we welcome in the year of the rat in the Chinese zodiac, we’re looking at things to love about these little critters.

Why older pets can be great

by PDSA | 13 January

Sure, puppies and kittens are cute, but sometimes an older pet might be the perfect match. Adopting an older pet can be a great choice for some owners.

New Year’s resolutions for pet owners

by PDSA | 23 December 2019

It’s nearly 2020 and you might be thinking about a new year, new you – so why not include your pet in your resolutions?

How to make a mouse cat toy

by PDSA | 9 December 2019

With Christmas coming, you might be thinking about getting a special gift for your cat. Or someone else’s cat. Learn how to make your own toy.


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