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How to make gingerbread dog biscuits

by PDSA | 8 December 2021

Dig out your whisk and get your pooch into the festive spirit with these delicious easy-to-make gingerbread dog biscuits! Nothing screams Christmas like homemade treats and these biscuits can make the perfect gifts for all of your doggy friends, too – we won’t tell your dog, if you don’t! Let’s get baking!

Sustainable homemade Christmas presents for your pets

by PDSA | 2 December 2021

We all love to find the perfect gift for our loved ones at Christmas, and there’s no denying that our pets are at the top of the list. Thankfully, when it comes to your four-legged best friends, you don’t need to break the bank to show them you care.

8 of the oddest Christmas-themed objects pet patients have eaten

by PDSA | 1 December 2021

Christmas is a time for celebrations and treating loved ones. However, festive foods, gifts under the Christmas tree, decorations, and even the most ordinary household objects can tempt curious cats and dogs, putting them in harm’s way.

10 superstitions about pets de-bunked

by Mair | 1 August 2021

With Friday 13th just around the corner, we’ve been looking at (and debunking) some of our favourite pet-related myths.

Five signs you like your pet more than your partner

by PDSA | 8 February 2021

For some of us our pets are our world. With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, you might be thinking about who your most important companion really is.

How to teach your dog the cup game

by Anna | 11 September 2020

With children across the UK heading back to school, the house may be feeling a little quiet for our pets. PDSA Vet Anna has put together an easy guide on how to play the cup game with your dog to help keep them occupied.


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