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10 amazing facts about dogs

by Mair | 23 June

Dogs are great – they provide us with love, companionship and are always there when we need them. But did you know there’s far more to dogs than meets the eye?

Five signs you’re a pet dad

by PDSA | 17 June

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’re celebrating all the pet dads out there who have stopped trying to convince themselves their four-legged friend is ‘just a pet’!

Top 10 animal-related Disney films to watch

by Mair | 9 April

Got a bit of spare time on your hands? I’ve put together my favourite animal-related films to keep you entertained during lockdown.

How to take a good photo of your pet

by PDSA | 28 February

Pets are adorable but it can be a complete nightmare trying to take a good photo of them. It’s not an impossible task, though, and there are some things that might make it easier.

Why pets are better than people

by PDSA | 10 February

Our pets are definitely part of our family, and you know what? We may be biased, but sometimes our pets are so much better than people for a lot of reasons!

10 interesting facts about rats

by PDSA | 27 January

Rats get a bad rep, but as we welcome in the year of the rat in the Chinese zodiac, we’re looking at things to love about these little critters.


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