Save memories and save lives

By commemorating your pet with a donation to PDSA, you will be saving your pets’ memories and saving the lives of poorly pets.

PDSA was founded in 1917 in a basement in Whitechapel, as a place where people could bring their sick animals for free treatment. Today PDSA is still caring for the sick and injured animals of people in need and is the UK’s leading veterinary charity. By helping PDSA, you are helping pets in need.

Remember your much-loved pet

Pets give us so much unconditional love, so commemorating this special bond by donating to PDSA is a lovely way to acknowledge such a special relationship. Your donation will help PDSA vets treat some of the thousands of sick and injured pets seen in our 48 PDSA Pet Hospitals every day.

Whenever you make a donation to PDSA in memory of a beloved pet, they are commemorated with an entry in PDSA’s National Collection of Pet Memories. Here you can also create an individual tribute page for your pet.

National Collection of Pet Memories

There’s a wonderful way to treasure the happy memories and allow their memory to live on forever. The National Collection of Pet Memories is PDSA’s book of remembrance for pets.

How do I add my pet to the National Collection of Pet Memories?

You can add your pet into the National Collection of Pet Memories just by making a donation. You can then create a tribute page for your pet as a special place to remember their unique personality, capture the happy times you shared together and hold onto the memories that made you smile and laugh.

If your pet is already in the National Collection of Pet Memories and you want to set up a tribute page, simply locate their entry and click `add memory’ to create the page.

View pet memories gallery

Donate in memory of a pet

Create a tribute page for your beloved pet

A tribute page is a truly special place where your family and friends can join together to pay your respects and honour the memory of a beloved pet. It’s a place where you can say what you really feel about a pet which is no longer with you. It provides a source of comfort that you can open at any time, whenever you are thinking of them day or night.

Remember the day

Many families like to mark special anniversaries on a pet's tribute page by adding messages and making donations.

Dealing with grief

We know that it can be devastating to lose a beloved pet. We understand the feelings it can evoke – and we have some help which we hope will give you some comfort. Please visit our Dealing with Grief page.

Create a tribute page

PDSA Paws Forever Pet Tribute Garden

This beautiful garden is the perfect place to commemorate special pets. The tranquil setting is an idyllic haven where you can have quiet reflection for your much-missed four-legged friend. Nestling in a picturesque spot next to the PDSA Pet Hospital in Ilford, the garden symbolises the special bond we share with our much missed pets.

A very special garden setting with a unique history

The peaceful setting of the pet tribute garden could hardly be more fitting. The adjacent animal cemetery dates from the 1920’s – and has some 3,000 animals laid to rest – including some of the bravest this country has ever known. These include 12 recipients of the PDSA Dickin Medal – the animals’ Victoria Cross – awarded to animal war heroes like Peter, the search and rescue dog that worked tirelessly, locating people buried in the debris of the London Blitz in WW2.

Tribute Tags and Wall Plaques

You can commemorate your pet with a special Tribute Tag in the garden in return for a suggested donation of £25. Or for a donation of £250 your pet can be commemorated on a beautiful Wall Plaque which can also bear a personal inscription.

You can also set up a pet memory page, when you order a tribute tag or wall plaque, so your pet will be remembered forever in the National Collection of Pet Memories.

Donate in memory of a pet

How do I get to the garden?

The PDSA Paws Forever Pet Tribute Garden is on Woodford Bridge Rd, Redbridge, Ilford, Essex, IG4 5PS. Just follow the brown tourist signs. The garden is behind the PDSA Pet Hospital in Ilford and next to PDSA’s Animal Cemetery.

The Garden is approximately 1.25 miles from South Woodford tube station on the Central line. For public transport in the surrounding areas, contact Transport for London by phoning 020 7222 1234 (24 hours a day) or visit the Transport for London website.

There is free car park which is available during PDSA Pet Hospital opening hours.

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