This is our Baby Lucky

This is our Baby Lucky

In memory of

Lucky Wainwright

2006 - 2018

PDSA Tag for Lucky Wainwright

Lucky has been commemorated in PDSA's Pet Tribute Garden where a personalised tribute tag has been displayed.

Lucky Wainwright

We wish we could visit the rainbow bridge so we could give you one last hug. One last Kiss, The moment we saw you we knew you were going to be part of our family. We have been blessed with all the memories that we shared.

Your messages:

Mummy has seen a few robins since you passed. Just yesterday 8th May 2018 in heats of 27c Mummy saw a robin. We are all hoping you came to see us all... I miss you so much pal ... I just wish I could hold you one more time and kiss you. Nothing is the same since you left us. I will never stop loving you or missing you. xxx

Added by Chris Redfield on 08/05/2018

It's been 5 weeks now and we still miss you like crazy. You lit up our lives and made us so happy. Ashley your brother passed his driving test on Wednesday. Buster still wines for you. Think it is safe to say he misses you. We now have a keepsake box for you, we have placed your photos and your fur we kept in it along with item to remind us of you. It takes pride of place with our Angel we have placed next to it. Still tear up when we think of our fur baby. We hope you have found your family by now and we all wait until you greet us when it is our time to meet our maker. xxx

Added by Daddy x on 06/04/2018

I miss u lucky thank you for being here and letting me cuddle u one last time.

Added by Lilly on 28/03/2018

We miss you so much Lucky. we wish we could visit the rainbow bridge so we could give you one last hug, One last kiss. we know your in a better place now in no more pain. We are so sorry you had to suffer in the last few days. we was all hoping the tablets would make you better like they did so many times before. We were ready to let you go but we know you slipped away at home because you did not want us to have to make choice. We thank you for that as none of us wanted to have to do it. We grew fond of you thoughout the 12 years we shared. Buster misses you like crazy he wines for you every day. We will always love you and we will never forget you. We intend to collect and donate in your memory and to help the very people that helped you when you needed them most. We will always love you and will never forget you. I hope you are with your own Mummy and daddy now.

Love Daddy, Mummy, Karen, Ashley, Lilly and Buster xxxxx

We would also like to thank your PDSA Liverpool Pet Hospital for all the help they gave to Lucky when he became ill. You guys are amazing and we cannot thank you enough. x

Added by Luckys Family x on 17/03/2018

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