Register your Will

PDSA has teamed up with the Certainty National Will Register to provide you with free Will registration. The Certainty National Will Register is endorsed by the Law Society.

All too often Wills are presumed never written or deemed lost so they are difficult to trace, often causing beneficiaries anguish at a difficult time.

The passage of time, house moves and even malicious destruction are key factors as to why a Will cannot be found when it is needed, so it makes sense to keep a copy safely stored by a third party.

Registering a Will with Certainty takes just seconds and there are no complicated procedures to follow. The only details you need are the name of the practice where your Will was made, the date it was signed and the witnesses’ names.

Registering your Will with Certainty normally costs £30 but we have teamed up with them to provide you with free Will registration by using the redemption code 'PDSA5000' during the registration process.

How to register your Will

It’s simple, quick and easy. Complete the 60-second registration form, filling in the name of the solicitor practice where it was made, the date it was signed and the witnesses’ names. Enter the redemption code ‘PDSA5000’. Then submit. Your Will is now registered. Need help registering a Will? Call the Certainty helpline on 0845 408 0404.


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Thank you so much if you have decided to include a gift in your Will for our work with sick and injured pets. We’d love to hear from you if you would like to tell us about your gift.
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