Bear Grylls Survival Race, London 2017

In 2017, every Bear Grylls Survival Race will contain a number of unique Survival Challenges.

Anything that Bear and the team believe could help you overcome potentially life threatening survival situations. You will need to learn and practice these skills both during and after the race we hope to always be prepared for what life throws at you! Our team will test your strength, agility, targeting, evasion, memory, observation, and a variety of other core skills across a variety of survival situations. Our Jungle, Arctic, Desert, and Mountain challenges will see the beginner and more seasoned survivor tested to their absolute limits!

The 5k and 10k are the perfect courses for those who may be new to the survival world, but want to release their inner Bear and smash fitness goals along the way! Whether you are running as a lone soldier or with a team, these Survival Races will leave you tired, but with an EPIC sense of accomplishment once you cross the Finish Line and earn that well deserved medal!

Minimum sponsorship: £150
Distance: Obstacle Race - 5K and 10K 


Already have a place?

If you already have a place and you have paid your entry fee through the event organiser, contact us to take part as an Own Place runner.

We would love to have you running for Team PDSA. There’s no minimum sponsorship, just raise as much as you can!

You'll have the added benefit of not having a sponsorship target, and the same benefits as a Team PDSA member.

What’s so wooftastic about Team PDSA?

By taking part with us, you'll become a member of Team PDSA and you'll receive:

  • A ‘pawsome’ guide to get your fundraising up and running
  • A fantastic lightweight and breathable branded top ‘for all you cool cats’
  • Fundraising support, materials, ideas and tips from our expurrienced ‘pet loving’ team
  • The amazing feeling of running for a world where no pet suffers.

Everyone who joins team PDSA for the Bear Grylls Survival Race, Cambridge 2017 helps us to continue to treat 1 pet every 5 seconds.

30 Sep 2017

09:00am - 17:00pm

Trent Park

Cockfosters Road