Spartan Beast - Windsor 2017

This is our most difficult of the three. The Beast will test not only your endurance, perseverance and grit, but also your mind. Situated on 5,000 acres of beautiful scenery, there can be no better backdrop for tackling a 21km+ run, with over 30 obstacles.

The terrain will be flat, but the challenge will be far from easy, as we are offering the usual Spartan difficulty. This course will push even the toughest Spartan to their very limits. 

All finishers receive a free beer upon completion of the event. You will certainly feel as though you have earned it after 21km+ of tough obstacle racing. But that will only make the beer taste better than any you have previously enjoyed.

Minimum sponsorship: £250

Distance: Obstacle Race - 19-22K


If you already have a place and you have paid your entry fee through the event organiser, contact us to take part as an Own Place runner.

We would love to have you running for Team PDSA. There’s no minimum sponsorship, just raise as much as you can!

You'll have the added benefit of not having a sponsorship target, and the same benefits as a Team PDSA member.

What’s so wooftastic about Team PDSA?

By taking part with us, you'll become a member of Team PDSA and you'll receive:

  • A ‘pawsome’ guide to get your fundraising up and running
  • A fantastic lightweight and breathable branded top ‘for all you cool cats’
  • Fundraising support, materials, ideas and tips from our expurrienced ‘pet loving’ team
  • The amazing feeling of running for a world where no pet suffers.

Everyone who joins team PDSA for the Spartan Beast – Windsor 2017helps us to continue to treat 1 pet every 5 seconds.

30 Sep 2017

08:00am - 18:00pm