Organise your fundraising

Whether you’re going to be baking cakes, shaving your head, washing cars or walking dogs, we can support you. But where do you start?

Start planning your event 

Take a look through your Fundraising Guide to get an idea of what you may want to do.

This will provide you with some top tips as well as helpful hints from people who have successfully organised their own fundraising events.

Have a think about what you need to make your activity a success. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will it be? And when?
  • Where should I promote it?
  • Who will come / who will I involve?
  • How can I raise extra money?
  • Do I need insurance or any permissions or licences? (See next section – Keep it Safe & Legal)

Think about who else you can involve in your planning as many hands make light work!

Is your event safe and legal? 

If you're running your own event, it's important to check that it's safe for other people to take part and isn't breaking the law. That might sound daunting but our handy guide takes you through everything you'll need to consider: 

First Aid

You can get advice from a professional medical company like St Johns Ambulance or Red Cross about what type of First Aid to have at your event. Things to think about:

  • Location and type of venue
  • Type of people
  • Age of guests
  • Number of people
  • Type of event and risk involved
  • Length of event
  • What experience you have of similar events
  • Weather i.e. time of year
  • Proximity to local medical facilities
  • Access to welfare and first aid facilities at the venue.


If your event involves the public you will need to have Public Liability Insurance. Always check with the venue first as they may already have insurance that covers your event.


Some element of fundraising or events will require a licence or permissions:

  • Holding a raffle, lottery or auction
  • Holding a public collection (see below also)
  • Alcohol or entertainment, including recorded music
  • Putting up banners or signs in public areas.

This list doesn’t cover everything. Please contact your local authority to check which licences you will require.

Food hygiene

The Food Standards Agency provides guidelines for preparing, handling and cooking food. If you’re using a caterer you need to make sure they have a Food Hygiene Certificate and Public Liability Insurance.

Collecting money

  • To collect money in a public place, you must get permission.
  • To collect in the street you need a licence from the local authority, which will have some rules for your collection.
  • Door-to-door collections are illegal without a licence. Speak to your local authority to apply for one.
  • To collect on private property, such as a shopping centre, you need permission.

Handling money and keeping safe

Here is some advice for handling money at fundraising events:

  • Collect cash using a secure container e.g. a sealed container or a secure cash box.
  • Pay money into the bank as soon as possible, don’t leave it lying around at home or in the office.
  • Where possible ensure there are two people around when money is being handled and counted.
  • When carrying money, always use a safe route and always be with someone and/or carry a personal alarm.
  • If you’re confronted by someone, don’t put up a fight, hand them the money straight away and report to the police.

Children at your event

Make sure children are properly looked after and have permission to take part from a parent or guardian. Adults looking after children should have carried out appropriate checks.

Suppliers or contractors

If you use external suppliers for equipment or services at your event, make sure you use a reputable company. Ask to see a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and risk assessment. If anything looks unsafe on the day, do not use the equipment or stop the activity.

How to promote your event

The more, the merrier. You can get in touch with your animal loving friends, family and colleagues, the press and your local community. Why not tell as many people as possible about your plans and get them motivated about raising money for sick and injured pets.

Get social

A great way to spread the word about what you are doing is on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Why not get the conversation going by holding competitions, or offering special deals for your followers? You can also use social media to keep people posted, share photos of your progress and generally boost the excitement about your event.

At the moment, we can't promote your event on our website, but you could set up your own social media page for your event – it’s very easy to do.

Help local media to tell your story

You can't go wrong with promoting your fundraising activity through local media. You might wish to get in touch with news desks at local newspapers or try to get the local radio and television stations interested in your event. You could also invite the local press to attend your event on the day. Send an invitation at least a couple of weeks in advance. Include an invite for one of their photographers to come along too.

Not sure where to start? Or prefer to stay out of the limelight? Get in touch with our fundraising support team for help.

Spread the word at work, school and among your friends

Don’t forget your email contacts and internal websites, newsletters or noticeboards. Your friends, colleagues and employers will often be keen to hear your news, see pictures and follow your progress.

Need promotion resources?

You can find everything you need here.

Saying thank you

It’s really important to thank everyone who contributed to your event or activity, and tell them how much you raised. They are also giving up their time to support you and PDSA, so a thank you goes a long way.

Try and remember everyone who has contributed. It could be anyone from those who donated raffle prizes, your sponsors, people who attended, and those who couldn’t but sent a contribution anyway. They will want to know how you’ve done, and following up afterwards will also make it easier if you want to ask for their help again.

And importantly, don’t be modest! Let us know how well your event has gone so we can thank you, too. You’re doing all of this to help support the work of PDSA, and organising fundraising event or activity isn’t always easy. Your efforts are ensuring money and awareness is being raised to help us continue our work. Thank you.

Why not send your supporters a thank you card?

Fundraising Downloads

If you need resources for your event or party, check out our fundraising downloads for nifty things like bunting, cake flags and sweepstakes.


Fundraising downloads