Recycle for PDSA

Here's what you can recycle to help raise funds for PDSA:


Did you know used stamps can raise much-needed funds for PDSA?

To help and vet help a pet, please send your old stamps to:

Whitechapel Way
Shropshire TF2 9PQ


Foreign coins

Been on holiday, left with spare change? Why not hold a foreign coin collection at work and raise funds for PDSA. Drop your collections off at your local PDSA Shop or Pet Aid Hospital, or call 0800 633 5323 for further details.



Don't let your old, unworn jewellery gather dust and go to waste. We can turn it into life-saving treatment for much-loved pets. We can recycle:

  • Unwanted gold and silver, including damaged items
  • Costume jewellery
  • Watches

Call 0800 633 5323 for further details.


Electronics, cameras and gadgets

We can turn your unwanted gadgets and cameras into funds for poorly pets. We can recycle:

  • Video cameras
  • Old film cameras
  • Digital cameras
  • Sat Navs
  • Games consoles
  • Games and accessories
  • Ipods
  • MP3 players
  • Laptops
  • Tablet computers 

Call 0800 633 5323 for further details.

Give a car

Did you know your old, unwanted car could raise money for PDSA? Giveacar will collect it free of charge and then sell or dispose of it.