Young Fundraisers

From five-a-side footy to a fashion show, or from a clothes collection to a battle of the bands, we have some fun, exciting and rewarding ways to fundraise for PDSA.

Why help PDSA?

At PDSA we receive no government grant or lottery funding. We are entirely reliant on fundraising and donations – from people like you. Sick and injured pets need our care and expert vet treatment. You can help them by taking part in Petty Cash – you will raise both money and awareness for PDSA so we can carry on our vital work.

What is Petty Cash?

Petty Cash is a set of eight skill-based challenges and events that you can take on. Each challenge has a downloadable fundraising pack. This includes step-by-step guidance for completing the challenges, including planning, risk assessing, promoting and running your event.

Each challenge is a fantastic way for you to develop essential career skills to build a great CV – and raise money to help PDSA vets treat sick and injured pets.

Achieve your Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards with PDSA's Petty Cash challenge. Want to do your DofE awards AND help pets in need? You can at PDSA. We are one of the few charities DofE have approved to provide activities. Your time spent on our challenges count towards your service hours and your DofE awards.

When you send us your fundraising amounts, you’ll get a certificate of recognition to add to your Record of Achievement, CV or DofE record.

Thank you for helping poorly pets – happy fundraising!

What skills will I develop?

There are eight Petty Cash events you can take part in and nine core skills that you can develop. Each event will help you develop every skill to a greater or lesser extent. The main skills you’ll develop are shown alongside each event.

These are skills that employers value and that will help you to get a job:

  • Planning and Organisation
  • Networking
  • Communication
  • IT
  • Leadership
  • Numeracy
  • Business acumen
  • Creativity and Teamwork.

Planning and Organisation: These challenges will show that you are reliable, punctual, can prioritise tasks and organise your time. They show that you can organise both people and the process of your event. e.g. if it’s a competition, you’ll need to organise how people enter, submit their entry fee and vote on a winner – and what the prize will be. Or your event may need a venue, refreshments, music, spectators, health and safety, advertising, publicity and sponsorship etc.

Networking: These challenges show you have the ability to initiate contact with people who can support your event. It also shows your ability to respond to queries promptly, to build relationships with people who take part or help you organise and to keep them informed, smiling and motivated.

Communication: These challenges show that you are a good communicator who can share your thoughts, ideas and plans. This is important so that others know what you want them to do, how, why and by when. Employers look for good verbal and written communication skills, especially if the role involves writing letters or copy for adverts, magazines, newspapers and websites.

IT: As well as the basic skills to help you plan and organise your event, these challenges help to develop other IT skills, from the creation of innovative publicity material, to using viral techniques and social media communication streams.

Leadership: A good leader must be able to demonstrate a variety of skills. These include good communication; the ability to listen to and consider other people’s ideas; being understanding and providing motivation and vision. Remember to delegate and allow people who have offered their support to help you with all the elements that need to be considered for your event.

Numeracy: Employers look for future employees who have good numerical skills. This isn’t simply being able to complete calculations, but being a quick thinker, accurate and methodical. You need to be able to calculate your overhead expenses – for the venue, refreshments, tickets, advertising etc – and balance these with potential profit. You should also plan for any 'unexpected' charges that may occur.

Business acumen: These challenges show your keenness, ability to quickly understand a business situation, make good judgments and quick decisions. Think about how to keep your expenses to a minimum, marketing your event in interesting ways and making as much profit as you can.

Creativity: Everyone has to be creative at some point in their working lives. Even people who think they are not creative in the artistic sense need a little creative spark for other areas of their life. Creativity is an important skill and these challenges help show yours to employers. You can apply it to almost any task. It could be designing an advert or solving a problem. Or thinking up creative ways to sell tickets, give away awards, or market the event. Why not do early bird discounts or multi-buy deals where people buy a certain amount of tickets and get some free?

Teamwork: Working with others effectively means you need to be able to share your thoughts and ideas as well as listen to others. Remember - you’ll need help to organise a successful event!


Holding a fundraising event: things to think about

Venue: It needs to be suitable – would your school or a youth club be ideal? Do you need storage space?

Advertising: Think about where and how you'll advertise your event. High street shops? Social media?

Sponsorship: How will you get sponsorship?

PDSA: Do you need to contact your local PDSA shop so they can help you?

Music: Does your event need music and lights? Have you checked if the equipment is safe to use?

Health and safety: How many people will your venue hold? Is your fashion catwalk safe to walk across? Do you need to plan a route, e.g. for dog walkers? Do you need to give access to fresh water – e.g. dog walkers and footy players?

Tickets: These need to be designed and printed. Remember to include the time, date, venue and the cost.

Process: How will people register? How will they vote for a competition? Will they cheer, vote, text, use Facebook or will you have a panel of judges?

Staff: How many people will be needed to supervise? Who will referee the footy?

Helpers: Are you doing your challenge on your own or as a group? How will you get people to model the fashion? Does your ‘Under 18’s event’ need a DJ, dance act or a band?

Prizes: What is your prize? Could a local business donate a prize? Could you have different prizes for different categories, e.g. by age

Sending us the money you've raised

Once you've held your fabulous fundraising event, don’t forget to send us the money you've raised so we can use it to treat sick an injured pets. Send it to: 

PettyCash Challenge,
Community & Education team,  PDSA Head Office,
Whitechapel Way,

Taking part for PDSA?

Get in touch and we'll send you a fundraising pack.

Fundraising Ideas

Organise a fashion Show

Got a passion for fashion? Then organise a trend show with your friends. It’s a great way to showcase your talent, harness your creative design skills and raise money for PDSA. You may be able to hold the show at your school or youth club and involve the local PDSA store to show how people how they can buy brilliant fashion on a budget.

Battle of the bands

Musically minded? Can you or someone you know sing like an angel or play guitar like a rock god? Are you an up-an-coming band? Then showcase your talent in your own version of X-Factor. Ask about musical talent at your local school, college and local community – and put on a great show.

Sponsored dog walk

Love dogs? Then you’ll love this. Set up a sponsored dog walk; a great social gathering of furry friends and their owners who love walking them as much as you do. Encourage your friends, family and even your local community to join in. The dogs will love it – and its great exercise for everyone too. Choose an enjoyable route, arrange competitions for the fittest dog and owner, sell refreshments and ask each participant to get sponsorship for taking part in the walk. Let’s go walkies!

Under 18s night

Do you like music, dancing and a great night out? Have you got great organisational skills? Then raise the roof for under 18s and raise money to help sick and injured pets too. You could ask a local nightclub to host or hold the event at your school or college. This could be the perfect challenge for those who would like to go into business or event planning.

Photo competition

Could you set up a best pet pic competition? If you enjoy using social media like Facebook, this could be your perfect challenge. People love showing off their pets, especially if they can win a prize. So encourage people to get snapping and send in their photos along with an entry fee. Then just judge the photos and announce the winners. Give different prizes for dogs, cats and small furries. You’ll get great photos, raise awareness of PDSA’s work and raise much needed funds to help sick pets.

Five-a-side football competition

Fancy a feast of footy? Then set up five-a-side football competition with your school, college, youth club, community or just with your mates. By using your two feet, you’ll be raising money for four poorly paws at PDSA. Go for it and make your competition as big as you want. Offer refreshments, a raffle and prizes to make the day really fun. It’s a great way to keep fit and raise much needed funds for sick pets.

Sponsored event

Could you sit in a bath of beans? Or count how many you could eat in a minute with a cocktail stick? Set up a sponsored silence? Or organise a mountain climb, bike ride, swim-a-thon, or zumba-thon? You choose. Let your imagination run wild. The more creative you are, the more attention you’ll get – and the more money you’ll raise. Set yourself a challenge, have fun and enjoy it, knowing that while you’re raising a smile, you’re raising money for needy pets.