Is a ferret the right pet for you?

Ferrets are full of fun and inquisitiveness and are really sociable by nature. They are very active and need plenty of things to climb on and play with, as well as lots of space to explore.

If you have lots of time to spend playing and interacting with your pet, a ferret could be perfect for you. Ferrets enjoy attention from their owner and most will like being picked up for cuddles. They’re also really playful and will chase toys in a similar way to cats. Ferrets sleep for up to 20 hours a day but will quickly learn your daily routine and will happily play in the morning and evenings.

Each ferret has their own personality. Rescue centres often have ferrets looking for a new home, and can give you advice about the right ferret for you especially if you’re a first time owner.

A friend for your ferret

Ferrets love human company but they often need another furry ferret as a companion, too. If they enjoy the company of other ferrets, they can get lonely and stressed if they’re kept by themselves.

Littermate or ferrets who grow up together from a young age can form strong bonds. If you have males and females together make sure you speak with your vet about neutering to prevent baby ferrets!

Occasionally, ferrets who haven’t grown up with others will prefer to live alone but will need plenty of company from their human carers.

Things to consider

Before you commit to getting a ferret, read our vets advice on: