Giving your budgie the ideal home

Budgies are really sociable birds and in the wild they live in huge flocks, flying for miles every day to search for food.

Our pet budgies need company from fellow budgies. You’ll need to be able to give them lots exercise and opportunity to fly – it’s in their nature.

Our vets have lots of advice to help you give your pet budgie a suitable, bird-friendly home.

Give your budgie a friend

Budgies like to live in groups and need the company of other budgies, so we recommend that your budgie has a friend or two. Ideally, buy your budgies at the same time so they already know each other.

It’s best to keep male and female budgies separate so they won’t breed. If your budgies have babies you’ll be responsible for finding the young budgies a new home. That can be a difficult and stressful process. You can tell if your adult budgie is male or female by looking at the fleshy lump at the top of their beak (the cere). It’s blue on males and brown on females.

Creating an aviary or ‘indoor flight’

Budgies are really active birds so you’ll need to give them plenty of space to stretch their wings. Avoid tall, circular cages – they’re too small and don’t give your bird enough room to fly. Instead, we recommend creating an aviary or ‘indoor flight. This is a large cage with plenty of flying space.

Your budgies aviary should be:

  • In a quiet corner of your home, ideally somewhere your budgies can see people coming and going but aren’t surrounded by lots of stressful activity and noise.
  • Out of direct sunlight and draughts.
  • Away from tobacco smoke and cooking fumes - fumes given off by Teflon pans and utensils are toxic to birds.
  • Away from close attention from people and pets, especially children and cats.
  • Easy to clean. If you budgies are being kept in a cage, you can sprinkle the floor with bird sand.

You can help prevent budgie boredom by adding a sand bath and budgie-safe toys to your aviary. You’ll also need to provide your birds with a safe perch – read our advice on these and other tips for keeping your budgie healthy.

Tame budgies can fly out of their cage, which is a great form of exercise. Find out more about budgie exercise and diet here.

Cleaning your aviary

It’s important to keep your budgies’ aviary or ‘indoor flight’ clean. This will keep your birds happy and healthy.


  • Sweep out the floor.
  • Remove stale food and droppings from your budgies’ sleeping area.
  • Clean and refill food pots.


  • Give the aviary a more through clean.
  • Wash it down and clean all fittings.


  • Scrub it thoroughly inside and out.
  • Clean it more regularly if it’s becoming dirty.