How should I exercise my rabbit?

Pet rabbits rely on us to keep them fit and healthy. As an owner, there are some simple things you can do to keep your rabbits fit, healthy and happy.

Rabbit Playtime!

Many rabbits live in small hutches, and don’t get much exercise. Because they get bored, they tend to overeat, and get fat. This can cause heart problems and arthritis: bored rabbits also groom themselves too much, and get hairballs.

You can help by giving your rabbits some things to play with. Rabbits are very inquisitive and enjoy exploring. They will play happily with plastic tubes, cardboard boxes and logs (without wood treatment) which also make good hiding places; rabbits get scared easily. It’s also a good idea to have a range of suitable toys, and give your rabbits different ones to play with each week to keep them interested.

Digging and Burrowing

Give your rabbits the chance to dig. Rabbits love digging. A seed tray filled with potting compost lets them do what comes naturally, without burrowing holes all over your garden!

Make an outdoor exercise run. Rabbits like to hop around, play, rummage in the grass and graze. The bigger you can make the run, the better, but make sure you bury the wire at least 40cm into the ground, so your rabbits can’t burrow out and escape.

Spending time outside also means they get the sunlight they need to make vitamin D, which helps them absorb important calcium from their diet.

For more tips on keeping your rabbit active, you can download our guide to getting your rabbit into shape.

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