Probiotics for dogs and cats


Probiotics are friendly bacteria which can be used to ‘top up’ the natural bacteria in your pet’s gut when it’s been disrupted by illness or medication.

Just like humans, animals have lots of friendly bacteria naturally living in their guts. These bacteria help our pets stay healthy by supporting their guts and protecting against disease.

Probiotics can be useful for some pets but not all. Speak to your vet for more information.

PDSA Vet Care Probiotic Paste

How do probiotics work?

It is thought that the friendly bacteria in probiotics help top up your pet’s natural gut flora. Some probiotic products also contain ingredients which are used for firming up diarrhoea and soothing the guts.

It’s important to know that probiotic treatment doesn’t always speed up recovery from conditions such as diarrhoea and doesn't work for every pet. However, probiotics are used commonly because lots of vets and owners regularly see positive results.

Side effects of probiotics

Probiotics are considered to be very safe. They are extremely unlikely to cause any problems in a healthy animal.

When to contact your vet

Speak to your vet if your pet has any of the problems listed above or if you think your pet may benefit from probiotics.

Published: June 2018

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Illustrations by Samantha Elmhurst