COVID-19 Risk Assessment Findings

We’ve had to change the way we work because of COVID-19 - and as a result you’ll notice a number of changes to our service.

We have limits to the number of people we can allow on any of our premises at any one time – and there are likely to be restrictions on the level of service we can offer right now.

But please be rest assured – we’ve done this so we can keep you – and our teams – as safe as possible.

All of our premises UK-wide have been risk assessed in line with Government guidance for ‘Staying COVID-19 Secure’.

We’ve carried out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment on all of our sites to help us keep our people, our clients and our customers as safe as possible. We’ll continue to monitor and review these findings and make adjustments in line with UK Government advice.

1. Safe People

We have:

  • Assessed how our people work and made appropriate changes where required.
  • Communicated and consulted with our people on how our working practices have changed.
  • Assessed where our people may be at higher risk and taken appropriate measures.
  • Requested when a person may have COVID-19 symptoms that they stay at home and not attend our premises.
  • Implemented the requirement to use Personal Protective Equipment when the need arises.


2. Safe Workplaces

We have:

  • Assessed our workplaces and made changes to layouts, workstations and work areas, common areas and the way we enter and leave our premises.
  • Wherever possible, ensured that two metre social distancing is in place in all our premises and displayed signage explaining this.
  • Installed screens and other barriers, where necessary, to ensure social distancing and lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Increased our cleaning schedules in line with Government guidance.


3. Safe Equipment

We have:

  • Assessed the equipment we use to ensure it is safe.
  • Made sure our equipment is checked, maintained, used and cleaned correctly to help us lower the risk of transmission.


4. Safe Ways of Working

We have:

  • Assessed our ways of working and made changes, where required, to help keep our people, clients and customers as safe as possible from the risk of COVID-19.
  • Where a risk was identified, we’ve implemented controls to manage this risk as much as we can.
  • Where we can’t control the risk, we’ve suspended the activity until it’s safe to resume.