Free Will Network terms and conditions

You need to be aged 50 or over to use the Free Will Writing Offer.


Authority for "PDSA" to pay the solicitor’s fee

You must choose a solicitor from the list Free Will Network supply. All sections of the Confidential Declaration Form should be completed, and signed by you in order for the Network to pay the solicitor’s fee on behalf of "PDSA".  In accordance with guidance from the Institute of Fundraising and the Charity Commission, inclusion of a legacy to "PDSA" in a Will paid for by "PDSA" is not a condition of the legal fee being paid. Where a Confidential Declaration Form has not been fully completed you may be liable for the legal fee.


The solicitor’s duty

The solicitor you choose will draw up your Will according to your instructions. In line with the relevant codes and regulations governing solicitors, the solicitor will act exclusively in your interest*. The solicitor is free to advise you impartially; and they will keep your instructions confidential except where you have authorised disclosure of certain information on the Confidential Declaration Form. Neither the Network organisation nor "PDSA" imposes any restriction or requirement whatsoever as to the contents of the Will that is prepared for you.


Type of Will

The legal fees agreed with the Network solicitors are for simple Wills and for updating existing Wills. Should the solicitor find, during the drawing up of a Will (or mirror Wills), that the task is more complicated than expected, they are entitled to ask you to pay the difference between their normal fee for a simple Will and the actual fee, so the simple Will element is always free.



All solicitors taking part in the National Free Wills Network are either members of the Law Society of England & Wales and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority; are members of the Law Society of Scotland and are subject to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission; are members of the Law Society of Northern Ireland and are subject to the Solicitors’ Practice Regulations 1987; are members of the Jersey Law Society; or are members of the Guernsey Bar. The Network and "PDSA" are registered under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

In this document, ‘Will’ should be construed as ‘Wills’ where mirror Wills have been prepared.

*The Solicitors’ Code of Conduct 2007 published by the Law Society (in the case of solicitors practising in England and Wales); the Code of Conduct

for Scottish Solicitors 2002 published by the Law Society of Scotland (in the case of solicitors practising in Scotland); the Solicitors’ Practice Regulations 1987 (in the case of solicitors practising in Northern Ireland), the Code of Conduct published by the Law Society of Jersey and the Articles and Rules of Professional Conduct published by the Guernsey Bar.



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