This curious cat swallowed a FISH HOOK!

Curiosity nearly killed the cat when five-year-old Teleigha gobbled up a fishhook, and was left needing lifesaving emergency surgery.

Her owner, Linzi, said: “My son was packing his fishing gear while Teleigha was on the sofa, she seemed uninterested. But suddenly she jumped down, grabbed the hook in her mouth and swallowed it. It didn’t even have any bait on it, but I think the shiny silver attracted her.”

The worried family tried to help but quickly realised the hook was nowhere to be seen. So Linzi called took Teleigha straight to see PDSA’s vets.

Senior Vet Jen said: “Teleigha seemed fine when she arrived, but an x-ray showed the fish hook in her stomach. Although tiny, if left it could easily have pierced her intestines or damaged a major blood vessel, which could have been fatal. It’s just as well the family saw what happened and brought her in.”

PDSA’s dedicated vets and nurses performed an emergency operation to remove the fishhook. Teleigha stayed overnight and was well enough to go home the next day.

Linzi continued: “Teleigha was very glad to return home and she made a really quick recovery. PDSA have been brilliant. They’ve helped me over the last eight years after I was made redundant following health issues. They’re amazing!

Linzi, who already hides her jewellery from Teleigha’s curious paws, is now careful to keep her son’s fishing equipment well out of reach too. “Teleigha is a total diva and is so mischievous we have to be very careful. But she’s so adorable, she’s definitely worth the fuss!”

Thanks to kind people who leave PDSA a gift in their will, we’re able to give pets like Teleigha the happy ending they deserve.

Teleigha the cat with fish hook