The Resolute

Date of Award: 11 April 1947

"While on patrol duty in Bethnal Green a flying bomb exploded within 75 yards, showering both horse and rider with broken glass and debris. Upstart was completely unperturbed and remained quietly on duty with his rider controlling traffic, ect, until the incident had been dealt with."

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Date of Award: 11 April 1947

"On duty when a flying bomb demolished four houses in Tooting and a plate-glass window crashed immediately in front of her. Olga, after bolting for 100 yards, returned to the scene of the incident and remained on duty with her rider, controlling traffic and assisting rescue organisations"

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Date of Award: 27 July 2016

"For attention to duty, devotion and loyalty to the United States Marine Corps."

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Date of Award: 2 September 2014

"Warrior and General Jack Seely commanded three regiments of the Canadian Cavalry, leading the charge at some of the bloodiest and most infamous battles of World War I. Warrior's Honorary PDSA Dickin Medal was awarded on behalf of all animals that served in the Great War."

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