Guinea Pig Awareness Week

We’ve come together with other animal charities from around the country to support the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week from 22 to 28 March 2021.


What is Guinea Pig Awareness Week?

Guinea Pig Awareness Week is a week of activities dedicated to raising the profile of these beautiful animals.

Sadly, our small furries are often ‘forgotten pets’ and can be over looked. That’s why we’re shining a light on them and educating owners about their pets’ needs to help guinea pigs live healthy and happy lives.

We’ll be sharing fun facts, advice and top tips on guinea pig care on our social media channels during Guinea Pig Awareness Week; be sure to check it out!


What all guinea pigs need

The theme for this year's event is guinea pigs' five welfare needs. We've broken down your guinea pigs' needs below to ensure they have everything to live healthy and happy lives.


Learn how to give your guinea pig a daily health check and help them stay in the best of health.

Guinea pig health


If you can't tell by your guinea pigs' behaviour whether they're happy or not, here's some examples of positive and negative behaviour in guinea pigs.

Guinea pig behaviour


Guinea pigs are social creatures. We would always recommend two or more guinea pigs living together. here's our advice on how to introduce them.

Introducing guinea pigs


Guinea pigs need the right food to ensure they don't become overweight and their teeth stay healthy. Here's our dietary advice.

Your guinea pigs' diet


Ensuring your guinea pigs have the perfect home is important. Read our advice on how to create a safe, comfortable and interesting home for your guinea pigs.

The ideal home