Paws First

We think all pets deserve happy and healthy lives, and this means owners being able to provide for their five welfare needs – environment, diet, behaviour, companionship, and health. So we’re asking people to #PawsFirst – stop and think before taking on a new pet.

The 2016 PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report identified a worrying trend of impulse-buying pets with around 5.2 million owners doing no research at all before taking on their pet. We believe this lack of knowledge results in issues across all 5 welfare needs as owners are choosing unsuitable pets and then failing to meet their welfare needs.

How You Can Help

Thinking of taking on a new pet? We’re asking people to #PawsFirst and take our new Get PetWise quiz to help you discover which pet is right for you and your lifestyle. Why not speak to your local veterinary practice about which pet you’re thinking of taking on to get expert, reliable advice on their welfare needs and how to responsibly source that pet?

We need your help to spread the word and ensure our four-legged friends are getting everything they need. Please share #PawsFirst on social media and help everyone make a PetWise choice about getting a pet.