Rabbit Awareness Week

We're teaming up with animal charities from around the country to raise the profile of rabbits and help owners do the very best for their pets.

Every year we work with a number of charities to arrange 'Rabbit Awareness Week' (or RAW). We love rabbits, but we also know that they can sometimes be the 'forgotten pets', so we work to shine an extra light on our bunny buddies.

This year is going to be a bit different for RAW. As we can’t organise our usual rabbit-related celebration, RAW is going digital and will be for two weeks instead of one from 10-23 August!


What all rabbits need

If you’ve heard of RAW before, you’ll know we follow a theme each year. This year, we’re taking a look at your rabbits’ 5 Welfare Needs – so making sure they have everything to live happy and healthy lives!

We’ve broken down your rabbits’ needs below and you can find more information about each on our website:


You need to keep your rabbits healthy! This mean taking them to the vet when they're poorly and giving them a regular check over at home.

Happy healthy rabbits


Rabbits can get really sad and depressed on their own, so giving them the right bunny buddy is super important in keeping them happy.

Rabbit match-making


Feeding your rabbits the right food does more than keep them in shape. It can also keep their teeth healthy (because they never stop growing!). 

What to feed rabbits


Your bunnies need the perfect home where they can run, play and be safe from predators or bad weather. Rabbits need a lot of space!

Creating bunny paradise


Your rabbits need to, well, be rabbits! They should have everything they need to run, jump, dig and forage otherwise they'll get unhappy and bored.

Fight bunny boredom

Our advice

Looking for advice on all things rabbit-related? You've come to the right place! Our vets have put together loads of free guides for bunny owners!

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